DO Create. DO Style. DO Care.

A lot of who I am evolves from the upbringing of good education and constant positive energy. The ‘need to succeed’ and ‘there is no turning back now’ were two things I lived by throughout my college years. It was tough and I cried daily because I thought I wasn’t ready for the big world yet. But as much as my love for the medical field aspired from the excessive obligation to help people, I also needed to fill the void of my absolute admiration for beauty and being creative.

Being able to engage with women who find the same kind of love in the beauty of everything is liberating and I hope to keep pushing to inspire. I’m now a full time medical professional, beauty influencer, makeup artist, wife and pet parent to an adorable ginger kitty. I’m also currently doing a post-graduate study in mammography to increase awareness of breast cancer amongst women.

So now, I’ve started to live by seeing the beauty in everything. If there’s one thing that I’ve learnt is that there are so many layers beneath each of us. Peeling back one at a time, we learn more about ourselves and instead of hiding from it, it should be used to conquer our most desired selves.

I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of Pandora’s newest DO PANDORA campaign that highlights women locally and globally on their impact and meaning in today’s world.

What my jewellery says about me?

Every piece of Pandora jewellery is handcrafted and made with amazing quality metals and stones. Just like the brand, I’m strong, bold and able to tell a million stories. I chose to add value to my charm bracelet with things that signify important chapters in my life and ability to express myself in the pieces that I wear.

Love charm – Signifies my marriage

Cat charm – Signifies my love for animals

Classic Pandora branded charms – Signifies a love for quality.

Moon and Star charm – Significant to my religion

Classic Pandora safety chain – Signifies strength

Classic Pandora chain with Pendant.

DO be patient   If our plans always went our way, what fun would there be in life’s journey? Be patient and let your mind open up little doorways to creating a more meaningful and inspiring story.


DO Highlight what’s important   Spend extra time on things that make you happy and be grateful to be able to say you’re blessed because…


DO See the beauty in everything   Staying positive can be hard especially if you’ve been through a few difficult times, so stop and smell the roses even if they’ve got a few thorns.


DO Inspire others   I always try to be the best I can be. I love knowing that what makes me happy, transcends into amazing content that allows me to be a creative in South Africa. Inspire others with what makes you happy and you’ll see and feel amazing inner growth.

pic 6

DO Live in colour!   Life isn’t all black and white. Be bold and make daring choices.

IMG_5182 2

Thank you Pandora for loving my story and for choosing me to be a part of this campaign. Follow @TheOfficialPandora for more on the campaign surrounding the women who DO!