Another month has gone by (I just can’t believe it) and that meant another visit to the Environ Institute. During this month, my skin took a hard knock when I used a makeup product too strong for skin and caused a frightful rash around my jawline and on my forehead. As I always count myself lucky to never have had to deal with acne, the ugly truth is that my skin is terribly sensitive which makes situations a lot worse because I kind of live in fear of trying out new products.

I explained the situation to my therapist and even though the rash caused a little bit of a situation on my skin, she said that the epidermis actually seems good! Since bumping up to the C-quence 2 range, I can feel the strength of my skin. There were times where I removed my makeup and even though the makeup remover would say for ‘dry-sensitive’ skin, I could feel an uncomfortable tingling/burning sensation under my eyes, around my nose and mouth area. The C-quence 2 range calms my skin and nourishes those areas. It’s been a month since stepping up a level and the strength and bounce of the surface of my skin looks and feels incredible.

Usually Sara (my therapist) and I chat away through the treatment but this time, I actually fell asleep on the bed. Even though I’ve had these treatments done before, for some reason this session felt different (the best actually). I was so excited to start the journey with Environ and these past few months have gone by so quickly. In my last post, I mentioned that the winner of the Environ giveaway had a chance to visit the institute, get a skin analysis and full treatment with products for her skin needs. She had the most incredible time and I couldn’t be happier for her new journey.

Environ asked her a few questions about the  experience she had at the Institute and how the products are working for her skin. Here’s what she had to say:

   1. Feel the answer would be obvious? Alternative: Had you heard of Environ before the competition? What was your impression on the brand and products?

Before the competition I have not heard about Environ besides following the posts of Qaanita and seeing the results she was getting from the treatment and products.

   2. Describe the condition of your skin at the moment, and your main skin concerns.

My skin at the moment is feeling smooth aside from the fine pimples in certain areas and dark patches of skin. My main concerns are the pimples and dark spots that cause an irritation in my face.

   3. What does your normal daily skin care routine involve? What products? How long does it take you?

Since my treatment at the Environ Institute my daily routine involves using some revitalising toner, the sebuwash and A, C &E oil. I take my time and it takes me about 15-20min spending time on my face.

   4. What skin care brands have you used in the past?

In the past I was using prescribed medication Diane 35 and Benzac face wash and gel.

   5. Where do you purchase your skin care products currently?

At the moment I am using Environ and once that has been used up I will definitely be purchasing my products from Environ.

   6. What are some of your lifestyle factors that have played a role in your skin condition?

Lifestyle factors that plays a role in my skin condition would definitely be the foods that I eat, my intake of water and hormonal changes during the month.

   7. Tell us what you imagine your perfect/ideal skin to look and feel like?

My Ideal skin look and feel that my heart yearns for would be smooth, pimple free and no marks/acne. I would really love to have skin where I wouldn’t have to worry about huge breakouts on my face. I am pretty sure the last time my skin felt this way would be when I was probably the age of 14 haha.

   8. Have you ever used vitamin A on your skin before?

Before the skin treatment I had no idea of even using vitamin A on my skin. I wasn’t sure what my skin was lacking as I thought it was part of growing up to experience all the pimples, dark marks on my face.

   9. Do you have any concerns about using vitamin A on your skin?

I do not have any concerns. After the treatment my skin felt so amazing, smooth, radiant and being able to see results immediately warmed my heart. It was the most amazing experience ever as this was the first facial that I have ever been to. I will definitely be looking after my skin more and paying attention to it.

   10. Please give us your feedback on the Environ Skin Care Institute and your facial treatment experience.

I must say my first experience at the Institute was really amazing. The staff members are extremely friendly, easily to engage in conversation with, extremely polite and they make you feel at home making you as a person enjoy the treatment even more and making you feel that you should definitely come back to enjoy the tranquility, peacefulness and relaxed session at the institute

   11. How did your skin feel after the facial treatment

Immediate results, smooth, the freshness and my skin felt more alive than ever. Even today my skin is feeling good. I enjoy spending time on my face knowing it is going to feel good for the rest of the day.

   12. What skin care tips or facts would you like to receive?

I would love to receive any skin care tips that would help me manage my skin better and help me gain knowledge as to how to look after and spend time on my skin making it feel so much healthy

    13 .How do you live beautifully in your everyday life?

I live beautifully by starting my morning out with a jog and a bit of cardio. You feel more fresh and ready to start your day and it gives you the extra bit of energy to tackle the rest of the day. My face has become my number one priority and I pay extra attention to making it feel healthier by eating the right foods. I love that I no longer have dry patches in certain areas on my face.

I hope to continue my 2017 skin resolutions which include taking care of my body, being friendly to my skin and keep up an active, healthy lifestyle. It all plays a vital role in self growth and an appreciation to #LiveBeautifully, like Environ’s popular hashtag.

If you’re Cape Town based, you can visit the Environ Institute at the Renaissance Centre in Bree Street, CBD.