I cant’t believe 4 months with Environ have passed and all I can think of is how much I really want to continue. I was introduced to the brand just over 5 months ago and jumped right in to a full cycle with them. I love my skin now, I love showing it off and I’ve built more confidence without having to wear makeup!

Last Friday I visited the Environ Institute again for another skin treatment. As I walk in, the staff greet me with such warm familiarity that makes me feel so comfortable. My therapist Sara, whom I’ve always mentioned in my posts has become a dear friend. She’s brilliant at her job and believes so much in Environ that it resonates in her treatment process. She gives me advice, we laugh together, share stories and at the end of every session, passes on the best recommendations for my skin. Ending off a treatment consists of her slow exit from the room, relaxation music and a little plate with nuts, goji berries (my favourite superfood) and the most amazing glass of iced tea (Ah, so yum!). It’s a visit I always look forward too.

My skin looks even better than before. The pigmentation on my cheeks and around my mouth have cleared up, dark circles under my eyes are no longer and I love how my natural freckles are now visible. Before, my skin had layers of impurities and pigmentation that it covered my freckles. Now that it’s all cleared up, they’re visible and I love it!

It was also the month where Environ spoiled one of my readers with a fabulous skin hamper filled with products and an exclusive visit to the Institute for one of Environ’s best skin treatments.

Keep a look out for more great things to come with Environ, especially during the month of Feb!

Photography by: Larry English @larryephotography