Finally I get to share something a little different with you! I’m always blabbing on about makeup but everyone who knows me, knows how crazy I am about my skin. It’s only since I started to see changes in the surface of my skin about 3 years back that made me an OCD skin freak. A year ago I experienced nasty skin growths on the surface of my legs and one day I started to see them spread to my face. I was told that it was a type of benign non-cancerous skin condition, formed by the melanocytes on the top layer of my skin. I wasn’t too happy about the sound of that but later did some research and asked a few of my dermatology buddies about the condition. I was thrilled to learn that it’s all quite okay, actually. Something that can be handled and taken care of by me and only me. I had to be strict about sunscreen, cleanliness and especially, Vitamin A.

My current skin problems are dark pigmentation, a little scarring on my cheeks and fine lines. Thankfully I never suffered from acne or experience any breakouts really. I cant even remember the last time I had a pimple! I know that that probably sounds unreal but it’s only because of my strict cleansing routine before and after using makeup, in the morning, at night and sometimes even mid-day. As far as I understand, pimples are the easy part, its when you start to see little wrinkles creeping up that really worries me. The dark discolouration is such a pain too. It creates shadows around my eyes and mouth leaving really unflattering darkness on my skin and even under my makeup.

Apart from the daily struggle, I also stressed about finding the right products. Most products that I’ve used in the past worked by cleansing and moisturizing but did nothing to change the way my skin would live and breathe.

This new venture with Environ is all about taking my skin to a whole new level. By treating it well, just like any organ in the body and including Vitamin A as a constant in my skin routine, the aim is to replenish what was lost and by doing so, reverse small signs of environmental damage.

ENVIRON Skin Reborn Campaign Launch:

We headed to Babylonstoren in Stellies for a beautiful day with the Environ team. A full presentation on their #LiveBeautifully campaign was so informative and got my juices flowing (I’m obsessed with science!). The team introduced the founder, Dr Des Fernandes’ findings from cellular level to the day he finalized his research on Vitamin A and it’s power to transform.

After the nitty-gritty science lecture, we got to roam through the acres of Babylonstoren and eat the freshest lunch ever (straight out of their garden). I did a little interview with the ENVIRON team and the next day, visited their renowned skin institute in Cape Town for a new innovative facial experience following a skin consultation. At one point I had sound waves vibrating the molecules in my skin to activate change by using a face probe. Lots of coherent steps during one facial but it was the first time my skin looked healthy and not puffy or red after a session. Their skin therapists are a group of well-trained professionals and what impressed me the most was that every questioned I asked, was answered direct. They knew facts, could speak to me on a health professional level and explained everything about the process and its purpose to the T!  (Thank you Sarah!)

My journey commenced 1 week ago and I’m so excited see what’s to come for the next couple of months! I created clips of the 2 days into a short video that you can view below.