It’s been just over 2 months since I’ve started my skin journey with Environ and it was now time to take my Vitamin A intake up a notch. I visited the Environ Skin Institute in Cape Town for my 2nd treatment and this time focused solely on the moisture aspect of my skin. It’s one of, if not, the biggest struggle I’ve had with my skin for years and to finally be able to see and feel a difference couldn’t make me happier. My therapist, Sarah has the most magical hands and every time I visit just makes me so excited for the next. She explains everything in detail from the product she uses on me, it’s power and how the formula is able to change and recreate that strength in my skin, that I thought I may have lost.

Over my first course of topical Vitamin A, a minimal dose was recommended at first as my skin needed time to adjust from no Vitamin A application to applying it every morning and every night. Gradually increasing the dose is all part of their Vitamin Step-up System, a revolutionized concept that assists in building vitamin and antioxidant levels in the skin over time.

IMG_3857The First Dose

After my first visit, my therapist recommended starting the Vitamin A process with the Environ Original Range, B-Active range and 2 products from their Ionzyme range. The Sebuwash (B-Active range) is a low foam, smooth gel face wash that cleans the skin. I also started using the Revitalising Toner to firm the skin and tighten pores. The Original range is their most popular because it works for all skin types, is the base for Vitamin A building in their Step-up System and has over 15 products.

To moisturize the skin, they also recommended the C-Quence 1 and C-Quence creme (Ionzyme range). These two are loaded with vitamins, antioxidants and peptides to help create smoother, healthier looking skin. After 1 month, I couldn’t wait to go back and show the Environ team the progress I’ve seen in my skin. The dry patches around my lips (eww) started flaking less.


The Second Dose

It was now time to bump up the vitamin intake. Still sticking to the Sebuwash, C-Quence duo and Revitalising toner we started to include a Pre-cleanser (Original range) for extra surface cleaning. It has got to be one of my favourite products because its oil based, lightweight formula acts as an intense makeup remover which makes my skin feel and look extra clean. Another problem area is the fine lines around my eyes so we took it up a notch and switched from the Firming Eye Gel (Original range) to the C-Quence Eye Gel (Ionzyme range). I also started using the C-Boost cream (Evenscence range) to help clear any pigmentation for an even skin tone. All of these products are used in conjunction to each other. Most are morning and night but because my skin needs extra hydration, in the evenings before bed, I layer my skin with some of Environ’s best serums. The Super Mosturiser and Alpha HydroxyCream (Intensive range) is the ultimate skin rescue. It hydrates my skin while I sleep, like an overnight facial, I love it!

Alternatively, I would switch the the Hydrating Oil capsules (Intensive range) that look like little pockets of gold. It glides on like silk and makes my skin glow!

So far, the products have been a pleasure to use but most importantly, I’m starting to see great results. I can’t wait for my next visit to the institute! Follow my journey with Environ via my social networks, the Environ social pages and Cosmopolitan magazine SA.