There’s a reason why I stuck my head in the beauty industry. Mostly because I love it (duh) but also, makeup is so much fun and definitely a necessity as revolutionized women to keep feeling confident and beautiful. Most of you are either new moms, working women or full-time students and I’m sure that most times you’d prefer to feel comfortable rather than checking the mirror every 5 sec to see if your foundation is flaking. As fun as it is, I’m strict about what I put on my face so my skin is always my first priority.

There’s been a lot of talk about beauty mists/makeup sprays all over social media lately and it basically boils down to ‘What the heck are they used for?’

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Face mist – A face mist is a combination of oils and mainly purified water to refresh your face after or before makeup application.  The purpose of the mist is to add moisture or an emollient to the skin to avoid a ‘cakey’ makeup look. The oils that are dispersed in water, once sprayed  onto the face, settles onto powdered areas and softens the look by eliminating the dry over concentrated areas. Most formula’s do not contain alcohol but very little do. This is the perfect option for women who have dry, sensitive skin.

Makeup setting spray – A makeup setting spray, usually in an aerosol can, is a chemically balanced formula designed specifically to hold or fix your makeup into position for longer wear. Its formula is very similar to that of a hairspray where its contents, when sprayed onto a surface, creates a very thin film that almost ‘hardens’ creating a barrier between your makeup and the environment. It’s perfect for settling high fashion makeup products like glitter or metallic shadows etc. Most formula’s contain alcohol.

So, depending on your needs, you’ll now be able to distinguish between the two. Personally, my choice between the two has always been mist over setting spray even though some products proclaim to be fixing but isn’t. I don’t wear makeup long enough for me to need a setting spray or use lots of heavy product that can shift on my face so a good spritz of something as freshly scented across a face full of product is a great, comfortable option. My skin is also dry and super sensitive so using a makeup setting spray that’s chemically balanced with alcohol causes irritation and with constant use can dry the skin further. If you’re acne prone then a setting spray, even through a makeup barrier, can irritate your already inflamed skin. Choose instead a face mist that contains cucumber extract or aloe face oils that’ll soothe your skin while creating a healthy makeup look.

Here are a few of my favourites:

MAC Fix+

Indefinitely my all time favourite, MAC Fix+ is known for it’s original lightweight formula, that everyone knows and loves. It leaves my skin feeling comfortable and looking healthy even under 2 layers of foundation. Even though I only wear liquid foundations, I do however set my concealer with powder so the Fix+ formula acts as a finishing spray to reduce the appearance of dry powdered under eyes or cheeks for a soft, dewy finish.


Benefit Cosmetics Ultra Radiance Facial Re-hydrating mist

I recently started using the Re-hydrating mist by Benefit Cosmetics and I’m completely blown away by how lightweight and refreshing it is. The spritzing nozzle sprays product evenly across the surface of your face and feels as if you’ve just walked through a misty forest. The scent is beautifully balance with cucumber and blows my mind every time I use it. The product falls part of Benefit’s Ultra Radiance skincare range, designed to enhance the skins natural glow and over time create radiant looking skin (Yes!). Very rarely do I apply it over makeup, instead I use it throughout the day on clean skin and even when I head to gym for a refreshing slap in the face! I love it.


Beauty Fix Radiant Make-up Finish

Local brand Beauty Fix created their version of a makeup finishing spray that isn’t half bad. I’ve been using it for about a year now and it’s definitely a product that I’ve learned to love. Just like the MAC Fix+, this product smooths out powdered surfaces and adds comfort to your skin.  The scent is like sniffing a bouquet of flowers leaving your skin smelling like a freshly picked rose (YUM!). Its girly scent also contains cucumber which in every skincare book is a must. Plus, your man wouldn’t wanna leave you alone!

Essence Keep it Perfect Makeup Fixing spray

I’ve always been a big fan of the Essence brand. Launched early this year, Essence developed their own version of a makeup fixing spray that works. The smell isn’t as great as the others but if you’r It reminds me of a combination of a fixing spray and face mist where it settled your makeup well but also feels quite pleasant on the skin. For only R60, its a little bottle with a lot of power.

There are so many face mists on the market and I’ve got my eye on a few of them. Until I’ve tried and tested them, keep a look out for an updated write up!