A new beauty post! Yay, finally.

As much as I love creating looks & playing around with new make-up, creating a beauty post is particularly harder than the usual ‘strike & pose’. Not only do you have to look your best as the camera points directly at your face (eek!) but you also have to turn make-up products into words! That’s not always easy. So, I’ll try my best! I’ve been dying to tell all about the Flormar cosmetic brand, as I’m sure some of you may have seen snippets of their products surrounding social media. So with this post, I thought I’d say a little more.

Since I had the pleasure of working with the brand, I’ve had some time to collect & try out a few of their products. Slowly I started incorporating them into my makeup routine until the brand became a favourite! As I don’t wear makeup to work during the week (unless I head to an event after a gruesome shift), I allow my skin to breathe on most days, with a strict skin regime. The best way I can encourage the use of makeup & to get the best out of your products is to always begin with clean, healthy skin.


3 months ago, I attended the Affluence style expo here in Cape Town where I was introduced to Flormar, a 1970’s Italian born domestic cosmetic brand. After a successful 2 year’s, the brand relocated & set up its production facility in Turkey where they’ve gained most of their fame. After 4 decades of successful trading in both local & international markets, the brand has finally reached SA! There are currently 2 exclusive Flormar counters in Cape Town, one in Kenilworth Centre & the other in Blue Route Mall.


Fusion Power foundation serum:

This product containing SPF 20, has pushed aside most of the foundations I’ve been using over the past year. I always alternate between products so that my skin doesn’t become used to something specific. But it truly is too hard to alternate this time. The 300ml bottle with cute drop dispenser contains a light fluid formula derived from essential vegetable extracts to maintain youthful skin & preserve the skins collagen & elasticity. Basically, it’s awesome! My skin always looks super smooth & flawless with no unmentionable itchiness or skin irritation. Perfect for light application, the product can also be layerd for full coverage.


Double Radiance primer/highlighter:

On the usual day, I use a matte primer before applying my foundation. This product however I use on days that requires more light! Both a primer & highlighter, I either mix it with my foundation for a healthy glow or use it separately on specific areas like along my cheekbones for more definition. I have this in the colour ‘champagne’ which goes well with the yellow undertone of my skin. This product is super concentrated & should be used sparingly. One pump goes a long way which means this little guy will last you well!


High performance Rotating mascara:

Wow, wow, wow! Finally I have one of these! I’m a sucker for big bold, long lashes. For a while I had falsies which were amazing but really were high maintenance & I sort of missed wearing mascara too.


This product not only contains essential oils that nourish your lashes but it has a rotating mechanism in the cap that allows the wand to rotate both forwards & back. It coats the lashes evenly, separates lashes to avoid clumping & I just die for the extra lift it creates! It’s a bit weird using it in the beginning but you’ll get the hang of it!

Precision Artliner:

I’m one of those who believe that winged liner changes EVERYTHING! Whether it’s a bold statement cat eye or a simple line just about the lash line, it just pulls everything together. When it comes to precision, it’s all about the applicator. No matter how steady your hand, the liner tip is designed to create a certain kind of ‘line’.


If you’re looking for a precision specifically, this little guy can definitely help. Its liquid formula dries quickly which means no smudging (oh, yes!) & the brush is super defined, soft & flexible that creates a precise line that glides along the shape of your eye. Yep, I like it!


Terracotta Blush:

I must admit I bought this product because it looked so pretty on display. The marble effect terracotta blush is a friendly way to add colour to your cheeks. It contains natural ingredients that protect & calm the skin so you won’t only look gorgeous but your skin’s receiving some great attention in a healthy way. It’s soft texture makes it blend in so well that it looks like you’re flushed, naturally. I love the subtlety of the colour with the great glow effect. Definitely a cheeky favourite!

Waterproof Lipliner:

Nothing else to say other than ‘OBSESSED’. Its soft texture makes it easy to glide on but super textured allowing longer wear. Using a lip liner before applying lipstick is essential to having defined lips as it allows your lipstick to stay in a clean position with less chance of smudging. Also, you can create the illusion of fuller looking lips by slightly over lining them with a lip liner a shade darker than your natural lip colour. It’s probably the best trick I’ve learnt so far!

Revolution & Supershine Lipstick:

Flormar has one of the most incredible lipstick colour collections I’ve come across & with its affordability, I still can’t believe the quality. These 2 colours were the first to come home with me. I love the bold colour pigment of the Revolution lipstick range & without drying my lips, it stays on all day long. The Supershine lipstick literally glides on like butter. It’s creamy soft texture adds a shiny, glossy appearance to your lips for a fresh-faced look.

Nail Enamel:

Naked nails are something I just cant do! I love playing around with colours & now, with Flormar’s new nail enamel collection, I can play with textures as well! These Jelly looks come in all sorts of playful colours that dries to a professional gel look. My most recent favourites are the Matte effect nail enamels & of course I got them in black & white! 2 coats of this & your nails have an edgy matte effect that dries withing seconds, lasting for well over a week without chipping (unless you’re a female car mechanic!).

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Portraits by Khadeeja Hendricks-Abduraghman/@KPhotographi