Hair growth is normal but probably the most undesirable aspect of a woman’s body when it’s growing anywhere else besides on our head, that is! The colour & texture of our hair is hereditary & derives from ethnic heritage.

Hair grows in cycles & cannot be stopped permanently because, like skin cells that are constantly growing & shedding, so does hair cells. Necessary for maintaining body temperature, tiny hairs are situated all over the body. Finer hairs are found on every surface, except the eyelids, with thicker more coarse hair on the surfaces of sensitive areas such as the underarms & genitals (erm, okay), for protection. But as we all may agree, hair removal can be every woman’s nightmare, from shaving to the use of laser heat, we would go above & beyond to ensure that our skin is silky smooth & hair-free!  But boy, do I love a man with a good scruffy look?! Agree.. 🙂

I’ve tried everything, from my early days of shaving to the more recent laser hair removal. As painful as it is, I know that it’ll be worth it! So how safe are these removal treatments & which one seems like the best & most effective option for your skin? These are questions we need to ask ourselves as well as the beautician assisting you with it.



  • Your eyebrows usually grow back quite slowly but because there are lots of them, it seems as if they’re growing faster than other areas. With plucking, the trick is steam the face first, with a hot cloth, to loosen/relax hair pores so that the hair is removed carefully (and sparingly) from the follicle without breakage.
  • Try not to go too crazy with your tweezer, remember the thicker your brows, the better!



  • Certainly the most effective way to temporarily remove unwanted hair from the face due to its technique using cotton to pull the hair out of the root which is relatively painless (for some).
  • It’s best to visit a professional for this! As we all should know, our brows are the most important aspect on our face. Clean, defined & shaped!
  • Usually done to remove hair from flat surfaces such as the brows, upper lip & other parts of the face.



  • Been shaving from a young age? The myth regarding whether the hair grows back thicker over time isn’t true at all. Because the blade blunts the end of the hair from it’s natural tapered look, when it grows back, it feels harder but it is still the same hair that you’ve had before.
  • Ingrown hairs – Exfoliate with a body scrub before & after shaving to remove the surface layer of skin in which these hairs get trapped under.
  • Keep the skin relaxed while shaving.
  • Even though the legs feel smoother when shaving against the grain of the hair, it is better to shave in the direction of which it grows.



  • Most women refer to this method as it removes hair from larger areas for a longer period & guarantees a smooth surface.
  • The impact of waxing actually removes a thin layer of skin as it is ripped off. This can be quite painful if the proper prepping & aftercare isn’t done.
  • Tea tree Oil – The perfect remedy for soothing, moisturizing & treating a newly waxed area.
  • Make sure to use a wax free of chemicals as some may cause irritation, rashes & breakouts.
  • Soy Cream – Wax made of soy cream will stick to the hair, not the skin.
  • Moles – Avoid waxing over areas where you’ve got moles or warts as the impact may cause scars or infection.



  • An epilator (widely found in our stores) is a device that has tiny rotating tweezers to pluck out hair.
  • This technique not only beats shaving but lasts longer because it physically removes the hair from the follicle prolonging hair growth.
  • Can cost between R300 – R600

Laser Hair Removal (Electrolysis)


  • A technique whereby an electric current (in the form of light) is passed through the skin (via heat) destroying the hair follicle.
  • A few sessions (about 5-6) has to be followed consecutively in order for the treatment to become permanent. 
  • This technique’s made for the tough cookies because it can be quite painful. It’s as if you’re being shot with a rubber band over & over.
  • It is the most expensive yet effective treatment around. Prices may vary according to the size of the area you want treated.
  • Use in conjunction with Vanique – A hair removal cream that blocks the enzyme in your body that is responsible for hair growth.
  • Not as effective on blonde hair but works best if you’ve got light skin with darker hair.
  • After effect – Feels as if you’re sunburnt on the area & it’s best to cover up after the treatment. The colder seasons are the perfect times for Laser hair removal.

Spring approaches us soon so brush up on the treatment & do what’s best for your skin!