During the week, my skin care regimen is all I live by. No foundation, concealer or any other makeup products applied to my skin & while I am sure that this might help maintain my skins healthy appearance, I still seem to have continuous breakouts. What I did notice was that the breakouts occurred mainly on the areas of my face where my make-up brushes are used to apply product. Sometimes using disposable makeup sponges could be more hygienic, but to be quite honest, there’s nothing like the bristles of a good brush sweeping & blending everything across, creating a perfectly even look.

So even though I technically only use my brushes on the weekend, they could still be quite clean though, right? SLAP! Totally wrong.

Brushes that aren’t cleaned regularly can cause a cycle of skincare problems due to the bacteria build up that grows & reproduces quickly between the dark spaces of the bristles. When these brushes are dipped into your makeup, they don’t only contaminate your makeup but causes rapid itchiness & acne breakouts on the surface of your skin.

Just like your face, using a facial wipe to remove makeup from the surface of your skin is vital but a deep cleanse using face wash is key! So besides the usual brush cleaner from MAC or Inglot (whichever your brand) that cleans the surface of your brush, the bristles itself needs to be deeply cleansed once a week to remove all product residue.

Here is my makeup brush cleaning routine 🙂

What you will need:

  1. Anti-bacterial gel/foam preferably a product that conditions too
  2. Your daily facial cleanser
  3. 2 drops of Olive oil for conditioning (optional)
  4. Paper towels



  • Squeeze a generous amount of your daily facial cleanser onto a clean flat surface.
  • I am using African Extracts Rooibos facial cleanser. The reason for using your current facial cleanser is that the ingredients are not foreign to your face & this way you can ensure continuity.



  • Pump a few drops of antibacterial gel/foam into the centre of the facial cleanser as it dissolves through.
  • I am using the Dettol antibacterial gel which is 100% soap free.



  • Rinse all brushes under luke warm water.
  • Dip a wet brush, one by one, into the the cleaning solution that you’ve made.



  • Using the palm of your hand as the surface tool, lightly swirl your brush around creating a lather of foam.
  • Do so for about 30 seconds on each brush or until you are satisfied.
  • Repeat this with all your brushes.



  • Rinse all brushes under luke warm water until water runs clear.
  • Gently squeeze excess water out of the bristles from the base toward the tip.



  • Place brushes side by side on paper towels on a flat surface.
  • Leave over night & they’ll be dry in the morning 🙂

Happy Cleaning!