In our society, beauty has become one of the most popular topics in social hierachy. Many things are considered to be beautiful, but what does it mean to the superficial girl? When I say superficial girl, try not to grab this as an insult. Nowadays, we’ve all got our superficial elements, depending on our playgrounds.

Remember when beauty meant super skinny legs, long hair & plump lips? Thanx to the movie Mean Girls, all of us as ladies can relate to the high school experiences that we’ve had. So in other words, the more attractive your physical appearance was, the more socially acceptable you were. Our physical appearences might not be as equal as the perfectly sculptured faces on Vogue’s cover & yes, inner beauty counts higher on a ranking scale, but lets be honest, as robots of the 21st century, it’s easy just to fall into the jaws of the industry. Not only would we feel better if our friends’ physical beauty fits into our idea of traits, but somehow covers up the insecurities we have within ourselves that we try to hide from the world. Then came the forever lovable chick flick, Clueless, the perfect combination of socially acceptable & inner beauty. So do we choose our friends according to the way their make up is done or the way they dress? Honestly ask yourself the question.

I read through an interesting article by Poppy Evans, fashion director of Elle magazine SA, called ‘Smart Casual’. She ellaborates on the differences in style & trends between laid back Cape Town vs. the fashion forward risk takers of Jo’burg. This is exactly what seperates our society (The Cape Town girls) from others. Beauty, not fashion. Yes, we’re stylish in our own way but not as risky as the suicidal fashion of Gauteng. Agree to disagree I suppose.. The point here is that we’re known to take make-up to limits where they enhance our natural beauty & thats how it becomes a social consideration. Even for the the girl that prefers au natural make-up, they feel the need to paint their faces with layers of product, only to fit in. One day I hope to find the meaning of true beauty, something that rooms enough explainations as to why we hang onto these superficial addictions. Beauty is only as important as you percieve it to be.

Yours truelly, Superficial girl.