There really is no life without concealer. We’re a busy generation of women, so disguising black and blue tired eyes are just about the only way we’re able to go out in public. I know from my own experience, a full day can mean anything but a fresh face after 5pm on a Friday but you’ve got to play it cool, slap some makeup on and go out to dinner with your friends even though you’d much rather veg out in bed.

The rules to finding the right concealer to suit your needs though, is just as important as foundation. You’ve not only got to think of whether your skin has a pink or yellow undertone but also if your eyes are dry, toned-patchy or have eczema. It’s normal to have a little bit of under eye wrinkles, that’s just the stress of the environment on your skin but there are ways to handle it.

I used to have really oily skin but over the past 2 years my skin has developed into a real dehydrated mess. I now have dry to normal skin which means I had to change quite a bit of my beauty routine.

For the longest time, I used so many different brands of concealer that worked but never really had me dying for a re-purchase. One of my favourites is the NARS Creamy concealer which is absolutely amazing but isn’t available in SA and costs quite a penny in rands from the dollar, not to mention shipping (it’s really the shipping that gets to me!). MAC Pro long wear concealer has great cover but is way too dry for my skin while the NYX Photogenic concealer is just about as great as NARS.

Most of these cost well over R100 which isn’t too bad.. until you need to purchase 3 or 4 colours because you’ve either gotten a tan, or your dark circles are so bad that you need a colour corrector. So, what if you could get something SO great, in any color, any under tone, both concealer and corrector for under R50 each?

The L.A. Girl Pro conceal HD concealer is one of the most popular products in the industry. Circling through beauty guru’s on YouTube like Desi Perkins and NikkiTutorials, this little product, so great yet so affordable shows more character than a lot of high-enders. I was introduced to it last year and completely flipped out when I saw it stocked at Dischem pharmacies. Now, I own almost every shade because I love using them on my clients and myself.


8 Reason’s why I love it:

  1. Affordable – I’m all about finding really great products that suit my pocket. There definitely are a few items of makeup that shouldn’t be compromised in price but if it’s as good as this one, there’s no worry. Sold at Dischem in SA for R46,95.
  2.  Consistency – The high definition formula is creamy, super light weight and settles onto the skin so easily leaving a natural matte looking under eye but with no ‘cakeyness’ and because it’s HD, it conceals with full coverage.
  3. Long lasting – I still apply a setting powder to my under eye area after I’ve applied my concealer but because the actual concealer formula is non-drying, it lasts the entire day without flaking. However, be careful with oily skin, make sure you’ve applied a primer and mattifying moisturizer for best results.
  4. Multi-purpose – Concealer has so many possibilities. I use it to conceal dark circles, highlight with a lighter shade, contour with a darker shade and to clean up a messy eyeliner wing or around my lips for precise lip contour.
  5. Shades – The L.A. Girl brand has over 20 different shades and not to mention their own green, yellow and orange colour correctors for severe dark circles and pigmentation. I use the shade ‘Pure Beige‘ for my concealing, ‘Natural‘ to highlight and ‘Chestnut‘ to contour.
  6. Cruelty-Free – Ya’ll know by now that I’m all about supporting beauty with a purpose. Companies who stand firmly against no animal testing are amazing. It’s something that’s really near and dear to me so the L.A. Girl brand has 2 big thumb-ups from me!
  7. Handling – The product is a soft compact, well-sealed plastic tube with tapered bristles as the applicator. It makes it easy to use with no mess and if you’re using the last little bit, the tube is designed to squeeze so that you don’t waste a drop!
  8. Formula – It’s creamy, soft texture makes it easy to apply which helps the blending process. For best results, apply directly from the tube and tap the product lightly into the skin with your ring finger then blend with a beauty blender.

I hope you guys love it as much as I do. Like I said, I’ve been using them for well over a year now and I’m still a huge fan. You can find them at most Dischem pharmacy stores or shop them with Dischem online here.

Do you own the L.A. Girl pro concealer? If so, what are your thoughts?