As much as I love makeup is directly proportional to the way I feel about removing it but there isn’t a night that I’ve gone without washing it all off before bed (bless my natural fixation with clean, healthy skin). Plus, who wants clogged pores, black heads or a new friend on your forehead in the morning any ways? I’m sure we can all agree that the worst part about wearing makeup is removing it.

For a long time, the process of removing my makeup involved makeup remover solution, face wipes & a good face wash. Needless to say, you could only imagine the amount of face wipes I went through a month! It was actually quite ridiculous…

I’m super excited to announce that the original Makeup Eraser has finally hit SA. (cue holy music). Thanks to its popularity amongst celebs in the US, the brand later spread to Youtube beauty vloggers & now it’s here! I’ve been dying to get my hands on one of them since its release but unfortunately found it hard to track down because they didn’t ship to South Africa. No more people! I’m finally complete.

The Makeup Eraser is a skin friendly, dual micro fibre face cloth that removes makeup & waterproof mascara using only water. The super soft texture is gentle enough to use everyday & lasts for up to 1000 washes. Rinse under warm water & gently remove your makeup in circular motions. Toss it into the washing machine & tumble dry on medium heat if you want, the product is extremely durable. I’ve cut my makeup after care time in half without the use of makeup removers that contain alcohol, which melts makeup away but could also add unnecessary chemicals to your skin. The makeup eraser does the job healthier, quick & hassle free.

To celebrate its arrival to SA, I’ll be giving away an original Makeup Eraser to 1 reader. All you have to do is head to twitter, tweet me (@qaanita) & Makeup eraser SA (@MUESALH) with #PaperdollsXmakeuperasersa & tell me why you’d like to win this product!

To order the original Makeup Eraser, head to their website or facebook page.

Scroll through for a quick pictorial.


Photography by Khadeeja Hendricks-Abduraghman/@Kphotographi