Hi honeys!

Creating that perfect cat eye or any winged liner look that is, can be a little daunting if you’re someone who loves the look but struggles to execute it. I agree 100% that liquid liner can either be you best friend or your worst enemy. So I thought I’d share with you my easy step-by-step eyeliner routine without the frustration & promises to never fail 🙂 


Step 1:

Using the sharpest point of your liquid liner’s tip, draw a thin line from the outer corner of your eye. Tip: The longer your line, the longer your cat eye effect will be & vice versa.


Step 2:

With the tip of the liquid liner applicator, find the spot on the top of your lid,  inline with the edge of your iris (coloured portion of the eye) & draw a connecting line at a slanting downward angle to the centre of you 1st line. The more your 2nd line slants, the more dramatic your ‘flick’ will appear.


Step 3:

Draw a line parallel to the natural curve of your eye. The thicker the gap between this line & your lash line, the bolder your liquid liner will appear.


Step 4:

Fill in all the gaps neatly, creating a perfectly drawn wing. Tip: Nobody likes a lazy artist so take your time by using smaller strokes. This will guarantee a perfect wing.


Your final wing should look something like this. Like I said before, you can create a simpler or bolder look by the thickness of your lines, it really is up to you.


Step 5:

For extra drama, pop on some falsies. You’ll notice a massive difference in the appearance of your wing.



Step 6:

Finish off with some mascara to blend those falsies with your own lashes & hit your water line with a white eye pencil for an extra bright eyed look!