Hi everyone!

I recently got my hands on a set of Real Techniques brushes, one of the brands responsible for most of my drooling sessions on Youtube. Here & there I pick up a few inexpensive brushes but it’s been a while since I’ve heightened for new brushes (as my MAC set has treated me so well over the years). The Real Techniques brand is completely new to me & so long overdue! Well done SA, for finally putting your money where your mouth is. 

I couldn’t exactly walk out with them all but I managed to pick up a few core brushes I think are best to try out first. My favourite thing about these brushes are that their bristles are synthetic which means that they’re 100% cruelty-free (yay!). I didn’t think I needed to prove to myself how exemplary they were but duh, I got home & re-did my makeup! Not only did they feel like a dream against my skin but I was in for a rude awakening. My makeup looked flawless! No harsh lines, soft buffed out appearance & blending took half the effort. Made me question, how my application looked before this? I was probably due for new brushes sooner than I’d expected.


The orange colour brushes came as a set in a cute little dual carrier pouch that folds into a stand. I picked it up for about R400 which is quite a good deal. These 4 brushes are a must if you’re thinking of purchasing. Each of which has an equally important purpose if you’re someone who believes in applying the base of your makeup correctly & in stages. The set contains:

IMG_23831. Foundation brush: The perfect brush for applying & building liquid foundation, evenly across your skin.

IMG_23822. Detailed brush: Dainty but powerful, the detailer brush helps with coverage in even the smallest places. Use to cover blemishes or conceal under the eyes, around the nose & lips.

IMG_23903. Buffer Brush:Round, soft & fluffy, this guy is my favourite! After my foundation has been applied, I use the buffer brush to smooth out any visible brush strokes on my face, creating a flawless finish. Also, use to apply powder or mineral foundation.

IMG_23864. Contour brush: Tapered end fits perfectly along the hollows of your cheeks & under jawline to create shadowing. Also, use to apply highlighter at the higher points of your face.



The ends of each brush is coated in rubber for grip handling & detailed with a flat bottom so they stand out from the crowd!

Lastly, the 2 pretty metallic pink brushes are part of the Real Techniques Your Finish/perfect range. Both for around R170 each.

IMG_23795. Stippling Brush: Structured dual fibre, flat top brush is designed to blend makeup & create an airbrushed look even in harsh light. 

IMG_23766. Blush Brush: Super soft, tapered & hand-cut to precision for perfect blush & contour application. 

*These brushes are only currently available at selected Foschini makeup counters.