Choosing the correct foundation for my skin is never an easy task because when it comes to what I put on my skin, it’s all about quality products. Yesterday I headed to the MAC store for my usual Matchmaster foundation but thought I’d pop around the Maybelline counter for the 24hr Super Stay foundation & the Baby Skin Instant pore eraser, two products I’ve heard so much about.


My skin type is naturally oily but I’ve noticed that for the past year, I developed a few dry areas, particularly around my lips, on my cheeks & around my forehead. So as of late, I’ve been using normal/combination skin friendly foundations which, not only nourish the dry parts but mattify the oily areas too.


I’m not really fussy about using a primer & foundation from the same brand but I was excited to try the Baby Skin primer with the foundation, hoping that they would complement each other (which they did!). The primer’s transparent, light & unbelievably smooth in texture. The smoothing effect that it creates is a lot similar to the Benefit Pore-fessional & if I were to choose between the two, I honestly wouldn’t be able too.

I read a few reviews about this product on the Maybelline website, where some would rate it a 5-star product & some, no stars at all. Essentially it all comes down to the type of skin you have. If you’ve got deeper, more visible pores than someone else, the primer’s expectancy will have a fairly different outcome (obviously!). For the amount of filling it did on my skin, I’d say it was well worth 90 bucks.


I applied my make-up around 7.30am before a very long day out house hunting & by 7pm, my face was beat! Besides a couple of lipstick smudging, my foundation was pretty solid. What I also loved was that I never had any make-up transfer onto my shirt that I had worn that day, thanks to the fixed, breathable formula. Even though most foundations include SPF values, I would always recommend using your usual sunscreen beneath your foundation. The product itself isn’t full coverage but it’s definitely buildable without having you feeling or looking ‘cakey’. The consistency is a lot thinner than other foundation brands in its price range though, but if that’s what sets them a part then I’ll grab 10 bottles, thank you!