Hi Beauties and Hello New Year!

I can’t believe January is almost over. 2018, slow down!

I posted these images on IG last week and had all of you ask me SO much about how I created the look. It was pretty simple only because I used Tresemmè’s Beauty-Full Volume Expert selection. The look practically created itself!

My hair’s been through a Micro-Keratin process lately which makes my hair super sleek but flat. I didn’t think that using the Beauty-Full Volume collection would do much, but I tried it anyway. And BOOM!

It was only fair to point out the steps in which I took to get the look as well as the images I posted, so here it is 🙂

STEP 1: Use the PRE-WASH Conditioner on your hair before shampooing! Yes, I know that sounds a bit strange but trust me, you’ll feel and notice a huge difference.

STEP 2: Wash your hair using the Tresemmè Reverse System shampoo. It’s going to make your hair feel super light and help with any ‘flat’ situation!

STEP 3: This little guy is called a Hair Maximizer. On towel dried hair, add this from root to tip. It doesn’t make your hair sticky or leave any residue.

STEP 4: I’m not much of a mousse person (except for the chocolate kind) but this stuff is amazing. Apply some in your hand and work it into towel dried hair. I focused it mainly at the roots and then scrunched the hair upwards. This will add the height and the bounce that you need.

END RESULT: I rough dried my hair with a vent brush and used my GHD to create some waves through my hair.

I’m so glad you guys liked the look, maybe I’ll do an actual tutorial on my YouTube channel soon?