Oh, the sensitivity the topic of Plastic surgery brings upon us women, men too (I think). I sit here & wonder how far beneath we need to be to feel as if we need to transform our bodies from naturally born to man-made. Do we blame the pressure to be perfect because of media or is it our own battles we fight with ourselves?


I’d be lying if I said that I haven’t thought about changing my body. I think it’s actually quite normal to stare back at yourself & wonder how differently you would’ve looked if your nose was a bit smaller or your boobs a tad bigger. Another easily available option is cosmetic surgery. Botox, fillers, implants – which in fact, after your first time, you’d probably be wanting more. We’re already hitting fake white teeth & brazilian blow-outs! With the infinite number in possibility, changes to your lips, cheeks & nose can easily transform you into the plastic barbie version of yourself.

But would you really go the full mile to correcting your imperfections?

7 out of 10 women between the ages of 18 – 30 said that, if given the chance, they would gladly go under the knife. Now with such a great percentage, I wonder about the other 3 out of 10 who’d prefer not too.. Shouldn’t these numbers be reversed? So here’s the thing, all those nips & tucks may help your self-esteem, but on a health scale, you’ll be setting yourself up for an increase in possible cancer occurrence later on in your life.

Dropping my inner superficial girl, I’ve come to realise that there is a healthier way to change your body, it might not be as Beverly Hills, but it’s certainly more rewarding, beneficial & not to mention, inexpensive. So how can we look as if we’ve gone for a little ‘sumthin sumthin’ without actually having any? Here’s some alternative ways to looking & feeling perfectly good while reaping the benefits in your own skin.


I might be preaching here but ladies, dieting doesn’t mean eating less, just eating better. Throwing in some greens & super fruits while tossing out deep-fried will not only improve your health but your skin as well. Add a few extra glasses of a water a day to flush toxins out of the body & you’ll be enhancing your natural glow in no time.


After a long day at work/campus, who still has the energy & discipline to hit the gym? A great way to optimally give yourself a jump start is to purchase a yoga mat & dumbbells. Having them in the comfort of your home will boost motivation & you’ll be fitting in a workout when it suits you.

Squats, lunges, sit-ups, crunches & a few yoga poses (to help maintain your girlish figure) are quick & easy. Remember, a quick workout is better than no workout at all.


Who doesn’t absolutely love getting massages? Amazingly enough, massaging certain areas of your body (face, back, neck, thigh, butt) helps as an anti-aging tool, how? With the kneading of the skin, the firming action improves blood nutrients circulation & oxygen flow throughout the skin & this helps the skin to retain its elasticity preventing chances of early ageing & wrinkles.

It’s one of the healthiest ways to prevent & minimise the appearance of cellulite giving the skin a smoother appearance. Go for one on a regular basis & with consistency, you’ll see results.

Wherever you’re from in South Africa, our societies aren’t that extravagant & they don’t ask for much. Our heritage has a lot to do with the way we look. All around the world, we’re known for the diverse multi-racial women so forget about trying to turn yourself into a clone & embrace your uniqueness. We’ve home grown some of the most beautiful women in the world & that includes you!