As females, cars are never top of our lists, right? Sure we appreciate good looks but what about the actual car itself? The drive, the performance, the technology? I recently announced my exciting new venture with Auric Auto BMW & MINI on my social media pages. If you’ve been following me on Snapchat, you may have noticed the intro of cars to the account, something you’re sure to see more of. For a long time, my interest in cars have always been more than just the design. The engineering behind performance vehicles such as BMW is alluringly fascinating & just like any other, the more time spent around these beautifully designed machines, the more you respect the automotive industry.


This past Sunday I was invited to cover the 2015 BMW Tunnel Run, an annual event that hosts BMW drivers, dealers & fans, of course. I headed over in a brand new 2015 1-series with both Eco Pro mode & Sport mode. An option to choose between efficient consumption friendly mode or higher performance was one of my favourite features about the brands’ newer models. The run started in Cape Town & continued all the way to Worcester, 110 km away. I connected my iPhone to the car’s hands-free system which promotes safe driving & needless to say, it made the trip even more pleasurable. Besides the riveting experience of these engines flying past you on the N1, the experience was so much fun!

IMG_6404IMG_6387 IMG_6409IMG_6251

If you’re a BMW or MINI driver/fan, follow @AuricautoBmwDealer / @MINI_Auricauto on Instagram or their Facebook page for updates on events & competitions.

Scroll through some of this years BMW Tunnel Run images.