Havaianas, our fav little rubber slip-on brand have yet again launched another exciting designer range for the summer. If you’re anything like me, I tend to live in them all summer long & end up with one of those upside down ‘V’ tans. Besides their obvious comfortability, I always look forward to what their designs will include next. Swarovski crystal, cute petal detailing maybe? So you would think that after all their previous designs, what could possibly be different this time?

The media was invited to Cafe Caprice in Camps Bay, Cape Town for refreshing cocktails on a rather overwhelmingly hot but beautiful sunny day. We were given our own pair of Havaianas as a gift & even got offered pedicures to really show them off!

Like all brands in fashion, Havaianas carries their bold brazilian name internationally with pride. In the very beginning, to celebrate their heritage & pride, the brand inserted the national flag on all original pairs of sandals they sold worldwide. Now that name & flag reminds us of one of the funkiest footwear around. As the years & designs have passed, their quality remains supreme & unrivaled.

The latest summer range will officially launch in early November on our SA shores. The range will include pretty florals & bright pineapple designs for our cute pedicured toes & classic cartoon characters like Superman & Snoopy for our men. We’re stepping into a stylish summer, I’d say 🙂




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