For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been obsessed with the movie ‘The Devil Wears Prada’. There was something about the aura of Mirander Priestley that made every young woman beg for a 2nd life. Even though she was just a character playing the unforgettable role, I never thought I’d meet anyone as successful, smart & stylish until I met Jackie Burger. The alliteration fits seemingly well to one of SA’s most loved power woman. Former editor & chief of Elle magazine SA, Jackie now has her own venture that has us all trapped in a bubble of her excellence.

Last week I had the privilege of attending Jackie’s Salon 58 Bare themed soirèe. From enhancing your natural beauty, to the art of smelling & tasting the earth in perfumes & food, the event felt more like close family having lunch, chatting over champagne & impeccable macaroons than the usual ‘dress up & go’ sort of event.




IMG_9993 IMG_9988

MAC makeup artist, Saskia Buxton taught us all about enhancing our beauty by using the elements of moisture & light. These are both great ways to trick the skin in looking more youthful & feeling healthier during the day. She introduced the use of MAC’s new Lightful C range that delivers brightening technology for flawless skin.

Michele Pretorius took us through the Santa Maria Novella scents, a perfume range that originated from Italy in 1221. The perfumery hit SA recently & can be found in Cape Quarter with a full range of scents including violet, pomegranate, Jasmin & Rose water. Jackie admitted to using the rose water as a toner after exfoliation.

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My favourite part was the lesson by Jackie herself, on purchasing quality items of clothing that’ll last in your closet & still maintain a nod in the fashion world. These items included the classic striped tee, denim jacket, trench coat & how these timeless pieces are pulled together with scarves & handbags.


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To finish off the relaxed afternoon, fashion designer, Lara Klawikowski set up a little sketch station. Very Parisian! I had such a lovely time mingling with some of societies best. The next soirèe is set to be on the 20 June 2015 & is themed Noir, which I can hardly wait for! Head to Webtickets to book your spot!

Photography by Khadeeja Hendricks-Abduraghman/@Kphotographi