Women are considered to be the worlds’ most complicated creatures. We’re as independent as the islands, stronger than a thunder storm & as magnificently beautiful as Bengal tigers. So as perfect as we are (which we are!) what could possibly be our downfall?

Here are a few habits that most women fall guilty too, even myself!

1. High Heels

Wearing heels daily, whether it’s to work or pleasure can be quite risky. Not only does it affect your posture but puts unnecessary pressure on your feet. Most heels are made to look good, which let’s face it, what we buy them for (the higher the heel, the hotter the shoe, right?) but what you don’t realise is that the amount of force applied into your joints may cause arthritis, tendonitis & even back pain. So instead of increasing your risk, try to drop the heels every once in a while!

2. Bra Size

Most women fall into the mistake of wearing the same bra size from when they were 16 to 30! As we grow, our bodies go through changes in most places (duh!). Some of us remain petite with smaller boobs while others are fortunate enough to develop breasts that are much more plumper. Even after many years of wearing the same size, it is essential to have your bust size measured at your lingerie outlets after starting the pill, pregnancy, after giving birth or any other factors that increases breast tissue. Incorrect bra size could lead to breathing difficulties, poor posture, skin irritation & poor blood circulation. So, get those boobs the right support!

3. Heavy handbags

So we don’t want to leave anything at home, nothing wrong with that! Stuffing it all into your handbag though? Not such a good idea. If you’re like me, your bag is probably full of ’emergency’ essentials. Wet wipes, a water bottle, extra make-up, spec’s, notebook etc. My absolute worst habit is to carry around things in my bag that I might need. What this does, is it only makes your bag heavier on the arm or shoulder (whichever amazing Michael Kors you’re wearing). So as smart as we’re trying to be, this can cause terrible pain in your upper limbs & back. Solution – try to clear out all non-essential items for the day, depending on your journey obviously or opt for a simple clutch to hold only your phone, money, lipgloss & some tissues!

4. Worrying

Over rated & easily said than done, worrying as we all know, is detrimental to anybody whether you’re male or female. However because we as women have less testosterone, we tend to dwell more on things that could affect our emotions. Stress is damaging to both mental & physical health. Worrying over something for days on end can cause headaches, neck pain & simply tire the body out completely, leaving us feeling depressed & emotionally unstable. Instead, try asking a partner for help in certain situations, distract your mind by doing something you enjoy, listening to your favourite music in the mornings & surround yourself with positive, loving people!

5. Lack of sleep

Because we’re so good at multitasking, we tend to squeeze as much as we can into one day. Getting up earlier than the rest to prepare for work & going to bed the latest after cleaning up causes us to lose at least 2-3 hours of sleep. Women are also most likely to give up sleep to care for others & even after getting into bed, we can’t fall asleep instantly because our minds are still running. Lack of sleep can make us look & feel worse in the mornings. It can also make us eat more unhealthy foods which would increase our calorie consumption.

So for a healthier, more beautiful you, let’s take some time out to clear our lives a little & make room for a little self appreciation!