Chocolate, the most delectable enemy of a woman’s body.. Definitely a thought that crosses most of our minds, yeah? When we think of the word chocolate, what are the first words that pop into your head – Smooth, rich, romance, happiness, sex. So what are the last words that come to mind – acne, fat, calories, tooth decay, gym.. Omw!

But it’s not just a candy. No, eating chocolate is an art, a passion. Its the food of the Gods. We don’t just eat it, we let it melt in our mouths at body temperature & wait till it coats all around so we experience the full range of texture & flavour.  So what is this? Why do we crave this magnificent luxury?


I, for one, absolutely love chocolate & anything made thereof so I was determined to find out what exactly we put into our bodies when eating this candied invention. According to most health organizations, chocolate could actually be beneficial to your health.

Because of our busy lifestyles as westernized city girls, our bodies are exposed to pollutants everyday which becomes harmful to our bodies natural metabolic reactions. Now hear this, chocolate actually contains large amounts of antioxidants that neutralize any harmful chemical reactions caused by these pollutants. In basic terms, they stop us from becoming rusty inside.

Awesome things about chocolate :

  • Contains Tryptophan that gets converted in the brain to help lift your mood & increase euphoria
  • Has mood altering amphetamines that produces a mild confidence
  • Contains Theobromine that peps you up
  • A daily meal that consists of fish, fruit, veg, almonds, garlic & 100g of dark chocolate can decrease the risk of heart disease by 76%
  • 40g of dark chocolate a day has the same amount of antioxidants as a cup of green tea
  • Does not cause acne

Another important concern we have is the affect it has on our teeth. While sugar does activate some level of tooth decay, the calcium found in milk does decrease the affects it has by some degree.

Now with all that being said, depending on the type of chocolate that you eat it will determine the amount of sugar you’re putting into your body.  Milk chocolate as well as white chocolate contains more sugar so this can raise glucose levels. So instead, rather opt for dark chocolate with less sugar. The darker, the better! (hmmmm, where do we know that from..?) If you’re not a dark chocolate lover, start off with the 45-50% dark & work your way up to 85-100% dark.


Remember, the more expensive the chocolate is, the healthier its contents. Seek the best quality e.g. European or Swiss made, rather than the common supermarket brands.

Happy eating dolls!