Standing outside in the cold for some fresh air today, I stood wondering what my next post should be about. With ideas flowing through my mind like flying puzzle pieces, I was bombarded by the stench of cigarette smoke coming from 2 ladies directly across me. The conversation was probably one of nonchalance but what they probably didn’t know was that with every puff they took, 4000 chemicals infiltrated their most vital organs & if you’re a chain smoker, you’ll also know that a cig is complete after at least 10 puffs.. so do the math.

I’m a non-smoker, never tried it, never will. I think it’s because of my knowledge of the effects it has on the body that it’s never been appealing. This being said, I don’t judge those who do smoke but I do believe that if the facts were known extensively, this habit would be long gone.

Facts about tobacco:

  • Leaves a faint brown layer on your teeth
  • Passes through into your bloodstream
  • Raises you blood pressure & heart rate
  • Heart is unable to slow down causing a higher risk of getting a stroke
  • Carbon Minoxide (found in exhaust fumes of a car) intoxicates your blood preventing oxygen flow to the blood
  • After the smoke is gone, your body is still absorbing the toxic substances for 6-8min
  • Leaves gooey brown tar in your lungs forever


Effects of Tobacco


  • Dehydrate & deprive skin of oxygen
  • Ages skin & develops early wrinkles
  • Turns the skin a yellow-grey colour


  • Baldness & premature grey hair
  • Hair damage by stopping the flow of nutrients for a healthy shine
  • Breaks down hair cells


  • Stains teeth
  • Unpleasant smell lingers in mouth
  • Bad breath
  • Clogs taste buds


  • Decrease fitness & sporting performance
  • Heart has to work much harder
  • Causes you to run slower & for shorter distances


  • Painful irregular periods
  • Increase chance of pill failure
  • Breakthrough bleeding
  • Risk of cervical cancer
  • Genital warts
  • Menstrual irregularities

For whatever reason in which this cause started, whether it be social, peer pressure or because Audrey Hepburn looked uber stylish in black & white doing it, I hope that after this article, you’ll consider trying to quit or to help someone you know.



  • 8 hours – Excess carbon minoxide is out of the body
  • 5 days – Most nicotine is out of the body
  • 1 week – Sense of smell & taste improves
  • 1 month – Skin appearance improves
  • 3 months – Lung function improves
  • 1 year – Risk of heart disease has halved

If you’re a guilty tobacco user then quitting might sounds as far-fetched as ever, but it’s not impossible & definitely not easy. The support of someone you trust is the first thing you need. Doing it alone can be hard but with the constant encouraging push, the habit could seem smaller than it is. My nature is always to encourage ladies to put the extra effort in to care for their bodies for the temple it is. Beauty starts from the inside, so start there.

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