When it comes to headaches, you could easily say that I’m probably the queen of them all. From nausea-induced headaches to migraines of flashing lights, I’m pretty sure I’ve experienced the load. Are you the same? If so, here’s a breakdown of what’s actually going on inside your head.

Now the brain, along with it’s neighboring nerves & vessels is a complicated place. Think of it like this:

Imagine the brain to be a city. The major highways leading into that city are the blood vessels & the traffic through those highways is blood. In simple terms, the more traffic flowing into the city means the city becomes more congested, noisier.

A similar thing happens within the brain. As the blood flow towards the brains increases, it creates a ton of pressure in & around the brain. Pain signals are then sent to the brain via nerves, leaving you with a throbbing head.


1. Tension headache:

–       Daily chronic headache

–       Felt on both sides of the head

–       Occurs by muscle contraction

–       Mild to moderate pain

–       Comes & goes over  long period of time

2. Migraine:

–      Felt specifically on one side of the head

–       Change in blood vessels by abnormal brain activity

–       Moderate to severe pain

–       Pounding & throbbing sensation

–       Can last from 4hrs to 3 days

–       Symptoms of light sensitivity, noise, odors, nausea & vomiting, dizziness & blurred vision

3. Cluster headache:

–       Rare but most severe

–       Accompanied by a burning, piercing sensation

–       Constant throbbing

–       Pain behind the eye area

–       Can last from 2 weeks to 3 months

4. Sinus headache:

–       Deep constant pain in cheekbones, forehead & bridge of nose

–       Intensifies with head movement

–       Blocked ears & facial swelling

5. Acute headache:

–       Occurs suddenly

–       Subsides after a short while

–       Felt all around the head

6. Hormone headache:

–       Occurs with the change in hormone levels ie. Menstruation, pregnancy, menopause

–       Can be triggered by the contraceptive pill


There are many possible causes of head pain. Some develop headaches when they don’t eat on time while others might experience it with a change in sleeping patterns, basically when you’re disrupting your body’s normal routine. As I understand, headaches can be hereditary too. In my case, my father suffers from migraines, which makes me likely to experience it too.

Other causes:

  • Emotional stress
  • Excessive medication
  • Depression
  • Eye strain
  • Neck/back strain due to poor posture
  • 2nd hand tobacco smoke
  • Strong odors of perfume/chemicals


It can be difficult to avoid certain foods, especially if they’re a part of your normal everyday diet. But ever wonder why your headaches occur randomly during the day? You might be eating foods that are high in Tyramine, a substance formed from the breakdown of proteins over a period of time. The longer a food ages, the higher its tyramine content. Try avoiding drinks that contain lots of sugar & foods that contain high amounts of food colouring.

Here’s a list of foods that could trigger your headache:

–       Any form of cheese

–       Processed meats

–       Pickles & onions

–       Olives

–       Beans

–       Raisins

–       Peanuts

–       Avocados

–       Canned soup

–       Red wine


–       Baked potato with the skin

–       Watermelon

–       Ginger

–       Almonds

–       Spicy foods

–       Yogurt with no added sugar

–       Sesame seeds

–       Spinach

If your headaches are unbearable, I would suggest that you get your blood pressure tested. Most times, young women (and men) don’t think that it’s necessary to see a doctor, this can result in further damage if an underlying problem isn’t treated. Remember that it’s always better to treat the cause, not the symptom.

I hope you guys found this helpful 🙂