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Lesson Learned

At the fragile age of 16, most likely we were all part of a group of friends with growing personalities discussing what exactly we wanted to...

Craving Chocolate...

Chocolate, the most delectable enemy of a woman's body.. Definitely a thought that crosses most of our minds, yeah? When we think of the wor...


If you aren't already a fan of eating berries, you'd be pleased to know that these little suckers are probably the healthiest & most ben...

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Tousled Hair with Tresemmè inspired by NYFW | Hair

Hi Beauties and Hello New Year! I can't believe January is almost over. 2018, slow down! I posted these images on IG last week and had all of you ask me SO much about how I created the look. It was pretty simple only because I used Tresemmè's Beauty-Full Volume Expert selection. The look practically created itself! My hair's been through a Micro-Ker[...]

A Cape Town Summer with Havaianas

Hi guys! Can you believe 2017 is almost over? It’s been a busy 3-6-5 but it’s that time of the year again when even the rainy summer days are magical and literally the best time to be a Capetonian. We’re so blessed to have the best season coincide with December which means we get to experience vacay at its peak! I’ve just returned from a road trip up t[...]

DKNY Be Delicious - Taking a Bite out of my city

You guys always hear me babble on about my favourites in makeup but I’ve never really shared what my favourite scent is. If you’ve seen the launch video of my partnership with DKNY for the Be Delicious fragrance, you may have an idea as to why this scent has been by my side for so many years. We all know that our senses help remind us of the memories we’v[...]

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