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Lesson Learned

At the fragile age of 16, most likely we were all part of a group of friends with growing personalities discussing what exactly we wanted to...

Craving Chocolate...

Chocolate, the most delectable enemy of a woman's body.. Definitely a thought that crosses most of our minds, yeah? When we think of the wor...


If you aren't already a fan of eating berries, you'd be pleased to know that these little suckers are probably the healthiest & most ben...

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Spring with Witchery

Spring is here! Besides the uncontrollable sneezing and teary eyes, I'm so excited for a little sun on more than just my face. The colder weather isn't going anywhere right now so get ready to layer! Witchery just launched their newest Spring range and with my busy schedule running from early morning meetings to work and then an event, my wardrobe for a b[...]

Chic 'Glossy Lid Trend' Makeup | YouTube

You guys, 2 videos in 1 week, who dis? I was so excited to film this makeup video. You all have just got to be given virtual hugs all around because the motivation comes from you, so thank you! The glossy lid trend was huge on the runway for Spring/Summer'17. Even though it's winter in SA, it's never to early to start. It's become the slickest trend to[...]

July Monthly Favourites | Beauty

A monthly favourites post is LONG overdue but thank you to those who requested them, there's so much love coming my way, you guys are amazing! This should probably be something I am to do every month, as it started out, so I'll definitely make the utmost effort in including this segment once a month. Also, a big shout out to the South African beauty marke[...]

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