Ever sit back on a sunday night with Carte Blanche music in the background, dreading the next day? This probably has to be one of the worst feelings ever. Mondays may have its reputation but is it really monday blues or could it be the relationship your happiness has with your job? Burnt out or bored, it was the question I asked myself.

I wasn’t surprised by the answer either. Since I work in the medical profession, my job is to assist people on their health, but to be quite honest, I would actually do it without getting paid. Helping others isn’t the problem, it was my occupation that was questionable. Are you experiencing the same psychological confusion regarding your career?

As career driven fashionistas of this financial generation (I say this because we’re experiencing one of the craziest recessions of our time), our independence plays high on the ranks for us. Jobs are hard to come by but does that mean that our happiness needs to suffer? It’s tough out there & I’ve got the utmost respect for the ladies who’ve put their life on the back seat so that their career can blossom. I want to know though, is it worth it?

Defining success is quite complex because it comes in more ways than one. Money, happiness, career. But what you must know is that each one of them are in complete relation to one another, kind of like the circle of life. In the beginning, you’d imagine that with a great job it brings wealth, rewards & this creates pleasure. This makes us think of our jobs in terms of happiness. However thinking about it clearly, it is the level of optimism & the quality of your relationships that affects our happiness.

When you’ve had a great day, the heart is content & you’re satisfied, which makes the future seem distant & the present is all you want to hang on too. So having this sense of personal upliftment makes things that’s affected you before, seem minimal. I love the science of happiness & this is what it’s all about.

Having the perfect job could take the strain off your mind tremendously, yes, but it is the life beyond those 8 hours at the office that does the change. Searching for happiness in your career might not be possible so find it elsewhere. What better place to look than in your personal life. Don’t share your time with negative people, even if they are a familiar face. Spend it with your partner who, like mine, inspires & believes in me even when I’ve lost all belief in myself.

Sometimes where you’re at in life right now, whether it be working or studying, is the best place for you at this moment. Be grateful for things that you do have. Control what you can & let go of what you can’t. Don’t surrender to the things that make you unhappy, rather accept them & release the worry. I know that each one of you reading this are unique & amazing in your own way. My strongest advice to you is to create your own happiness.

All my love..