At the fragile age of 16, most likely we were all part of a group of friends with growing personalities discussing what exactly we wanted to be. Options were a combination of travelling the world, studying hard with great benefits, becoming famous and that one  friend who’ll marry rich and spend her days in beauty salons. What ever the journey, we all just wanted to become the best versions of ourselves. But i was only 16, how would i know the full extent of my abilities if I really never even experienced life yet. Then heading into our senior year at school, we were expected to choose a career path but with the career opportunities at such a vast number, how could choosing a path be so easy right?

Im sure that all of us at this age now has a friend that has dropped out of varsity or changed courses within a few years, heck, maybe even you have. These things happen and theres absolutely nothing wrong with it. The fees we pay cannot mount to the happiness we want for ourselves. Now as a 20-something, i have successfully completed my studies and work as a radiation technologist for a well known private company based in Cape Town. However, the road here wasn’t all that great. This, as I should add, was not my intended career path but for some reason I was guided into the Health Science field because of my love for the human body and for 4 years I fought against my feet everyday for not being able to runaway from it. Many times I intended to drop out and even secretly applied for another course but my parents had gotten the better of me and had successfully convinced me into finishing what i had started.

I remember the day so well, the excitement on everyones’ faces. It was graduation day. I heard my name, walked carefully up onto the stage in my attire, scroll in hand, appreciating my parents for what they had pushed me so hard for. That’s when it all hit me. It was for my benefit, not theirs. All those fights I had with them for pushing me into studying something i had never wanted made me love them even more for not allowing me to quit. This was the reason all along, so that i could walk proudly in front of hundreds of people and say “This is mine. This is what I’ve worked so hard for, this is what I’ve cried for”..

I guess the lesson learned was patience.

I’ve learnt to persevere through tough times. If i managed to walk a bumpy road for 4 years, ill be able to run a smooth road without counting the days. I’ll forget how it hurt but i wont forget what i learned from it. My advice to those of you who feel as though your journey seems never-ending, hardship gives you the armour you’ll need to shield yourself from anything trying to bring you down. You have to fight through the bad days to earn the best days. Great minds are hard learned while great hearts are well earned.