A topic I thought I’d write about hit me the day I saw a young girl, probably aged 10 or so, pick up her cell phone, point it at herself & pout. Selfie! The most #’d topic on all social media. Interestingly enough selfies have come a long way stretching all the way back to the 1900’s (hard to believe, I know).

When celebrities documented their every move from what they’re wearing to the food they’re eating, who would have that the photographer would actually become the subject of the picture too. Since the hierarchy of the world seemed to display it with a more ‘humble-brag’ attitude, we’ve become accustomed to photographing ourselves the same way.

But recently, these self taken images of ourselves have become the most popular thing in displaying ones image on social media. While we can’t necessarily point out the reason for the increase in these photographs, what I can say from observation of course, is that selfies appear to be the easiest way in communicating with friends, making one seem more real in the virtual world. So basically, even without physically seeing someone, the selfie you’ve taken in the mirror or at arms length (for the brave) has been interpreted into the mind of others that they’ve actually witnessed seeing you on that day. Smart stuff, I must say…

So is this a form of democratized self expression or is it a self adoring narcissistic way of portraying yourself on social media without looking too full of it because well, everyone does it?

As far as the extension spreads, everyone has their own method to their madness.

Now before you get all, ‘OMG as if she’s never taken one herself’ on me, I’m not talking about the once off selfie’s showing your new hair, the photobombed selfie or the ‘I’m feeling pretty today’ selfie. Those, my friends are relatable – no judgement. But what if more than half of your Instagram account was filled with them? Questionable?

So I decided to take a look & scroll through my Instagram account lightly scrutinizing the amount of selfies uploaded for the entire week. Truth be told, this might be the next level of confidence, which is in all fairness, an honourable trait – unless you’ve hit the level of vanity, one of the most unattractive characteristics. My question would be, at which point do we distinguish between what’s humble or vain?

My personal opinion, I have never taken a photograph of myself where I felt absolutely comfortable doing it. The minute the image is captured, I’m like.. ‘What am I doing? What will people think of me? Is my nose really that big? And then BINGO! It hit me.

Selfies are the mere measure of self confidence. Determined by either the nature of the photograph taken or the amount of selfies uploaded onto a certain media site. Taking a photograph of yourself happens yes, but the analysis comes in when these images are shared publicly as an outlet of self expression. Some psychologists, studying human behaviour even say that it’s indirectly proportional to someones self-esteem. Harsh words, but is there really an answer to this?

Ask anyone the reason for their selfie & then watch their reaction. What’s interesting about this is that we all give a similar response. Shying away while our eyes roam across the room as if the walls had a clue. No straight answers but a series of ‘I don’t hey..’

Confidence levels spikes when we look & feel a sense of satisfaction with ourselves so these selfies are taken when we’re looking & feeling our absolute best on that specific day, unless it’s funny faced (which passes on all grounds of humour).

Now you might disagree & by all means do, my point of view isn’t here to offend but to pop up a discussion, a conversational approach if you will. There’s this idea that if you look better then you’ll feel better & logically it makes sense because we live in a world where image is everything.

Perhaps things would be less complicated if we weren’t such an intelligent species of habit where our strongest motivations are to be beautiful, however you might define that.. Remember that the images you see are merely versions of someone’s life, not a true reflection. Still, the selfie thing… mind boggling!