Hi everyone!

I’m completely overwhelmed to be back but excited to re-introduce myself and my brand new site! We’re well into the New Year already but along with leaving 2015 behind, I felt the need for a hell of a good change. For those who know me, I become almost completely invisible as the New year rolls in. I literally hide. Taking nothing away from the fact that, yeah, 2015 had its moments, I’m just not a celebrator. That’s a word, right? Yeah.

So, as busy as I was leading up to the end of December, I just couldn’t wait for January. Not that I believe in the universe aligning it’s stars for me or anything, but for the past couple of weeks I’ve been running around in circles that made 2016 nothing more than 2015 with a six! Eventually I decided that the pursuit to happiness & new heights was all about a brand new start. The blog, my job and maybe even a new country…

All I’ve wanted, for the longest time was to be proud of where I am at this point in my life. And I totally am.  So, it wasn’t just about changing the look of the blog, but a combination of purely re-imagining it all. Letting go of the training wheels (in this case Paperdolls Diary), is never easy. I sat up a good couple of nights with my husband discussing the reasons behind the adversity to change and ultimately, it was all just a matter of selflessly appreciating my own growth and finding a backbone to celebrate the load. Finally, a resolution was made. I’m so excited and can’t wait for it to be in writing so that I can tell you guys!

With right to all fairness and sincerity, thank you so much to those who support me. If you’re new to my site, just as I am (hehe) welcome! And if you’re a regular, welcome back!