How I Clean my Makeup brushes!

During the week, my skin care regimen is all I live by. No foundation, concealer or any other makeup products applied to my skin & while I am sure that this might help maintain my skins healthy appearance, I still seem to have continuous breakouts. What I did notice was that the breakouts occurred mainly on the areas of my face where my make-up brushes a[...]

7 Foods for Healthier hair!

Nourishing the body from within does all the trick when it comes to healthier hair. I'm sure that we all agree that our hair is often the first thing we tackle in the mornings, from super strong hairspray to 180 degree heat styling. Shame, I almost feel sorry for hair abuse! Which is why proper nutrition, even during a busy lifestyle, is of utmost imp[...]

Hair Removal - What to do?

Hair growth is normal but probably the most undesirable aspect of a woman’s body when it’s growing anywhere else besides on our head, that is! The colour & texture of our hair is hereditary & derives from ethnic heritage. Hair grows in cycles & cannot be stopped permanently because, like skin cells that are constantly growing & shedding, s[...]

Young & Plastic?

Oh, the sensitivity the topic of Plastic surgery brings upon us women, men too (I think). I sit here & wonder how far beneath we need to be to feel as if we need to transform our bodies from naturally born to man-made. Do we blame the pressure to be perfect because of media or is it our own battles we fight with ourselves? I'd be lying if I said t[...]

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