#FebruaryGiveaway - The Mishah Kimono! (Closed)

Hello everyone! As I’m sure you’re all having a fabulous February so far, I hope you’re staying hydrated as we hit the peak of our summer! The year has picked up at such a crazy pace with road traffic as the perfect example of madness, as if load-shedding isn’t enough to drive you nuts. On the brighter side of things, I’m all about love this month, unders[...]

Sunday Comfort!

January’s been good. Not the sad type of good but typically good. I had my fair share of the holidays even though I wasn’t actually on official leave however there’s nothing to complain about. In my profession, being on vacation during our summer season, isn’t necessary at all. Whether you’ve worked till 6pm everyday (story of my life), time in Cape Town wil[...]

Havaianas #StepIntoSummer event!

Havaianas, our fav little rubber slip-on brand have yet again launched another exciting designer range for the summer. If you're anything like me, I tend to live in them all summer long & end up with one of those upside down 'V' tans. Besides their obvious comfortability, I always look forward to what their designs will include next. Swarovski crystal, c[...]

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