Environ Skin Journey - Final visit

Another month has gone by (I just can't believe it) and that meant another visit to the Environ Institute. During this month, my skin took a hard knock when I used a makeup product too strong for skin and caused a frightful rash around my jawline and on my forehead. As I always count myself lucky to never have had to deal with acne, the ugly truth is that my[...]

26, yay!

I wasn't sure whether a birthday post was going to happen this year but here it is anyway. On Monday I celebrated my 26th birthday with a little less celebration in mind. I'm not very celebratory when it comes to my own birthday but this year, even when my enthusiasm was down, I thanked the Almighty for the amazing people in my life that brought the party an[...]

Oh, St. Valentine's...

Happy V-day everyone! I'm a complete sucker for this day and as much as it might just be a 'money making scheme' as everyone says, there aren't women out there that wouldn't go weak at the knees for roses and a candle light dinner. Yesterday I celebrated my 26th birthday with a bunch of my closest friends and even though that was 24 hours ago, V-day always[...]

Environ Skin Reborn journey| 4 month update

I cant't believe 4 months with Environ have passed and all I can think of is how much I really want to continue. I was introduced to the brand just over 5 months ago and jumped right in to a full cycle with them. I love my skin now, I love showing it off and I've built more confidence without having to wear makeup! Last Friday I visited the Environ Institut[...]

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