Life's handed me a few really bad lemons lately but complaining might override my joy of getting over it all. As I grow each day, there are just a few life lessons that stand out more than others. Leaving behind what could very well be one of the worst experiences of my life, I'm actually more internally grateful to have been caught up in the whirlwind. I fe[...]

Tough cookie and a little side note..

I've had an incredible few days to myself. We moved to the city just a few days ago which is super exciting but also means loads of unboxing and re-organizing so I decided to take a little break to settle in nicely and also, tapping off from my day job seemed like a good idea and better way to focus on my blog a little. I didn't realize how much crap I accum[...]

Environ Skin Journey - Final visit

Another month has gone by (I just can't believe it) and that meant another visit to the Environ Institute. During this month, my skin took a hard knock when I used a makeup product too strong for skin and caused a frightful rash around my jawline and on my forehead. As I always count myself lucky to never have had to deal with acne, the ugly truth is that my[...]

26, yay!

I wasn't sure whether a birthday post was going to happen this year but here it is anyway. On Monday I celebrated my 26th birthday with a little less celebration in mind. I'm not very celebratory when it comes to my own birthday but this year, even when my enthusiasm was down, I thanked the Almighty for the amazing people in my life that brought the party an[...]

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