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For those of you who follow my snaps (@qaanitaXOrrie), you may have seen a few daily makeup 'snaptorials'. I get such a great response from these, even though the quality might not be that great, you guys screenshot the heck out of them! I must also say, thank you to everyone who trusted me with their (sometimes) embarrassing or questionable health concerns.[...]

Pretty in Blue

It’s the first day in just over 2 weeks that I’ve been up and about. I’ve been through a dreadful few days stuck in bed with the flu and picked up a nasty chest infection along the way. My fever hit over 39 degrees, gosh, I can’t remember the last time I felt this terrible. I also got my first butt injection, not the Kardashian kind. I haven’t ever gotten a [...]


I can't believe that it's finally here and that we get to share it with all of you! Inglot South Africa has launched their newest Foundation Campaign called #BestFoundationForever featuring myself and Nadia. After weeks of photo shoots, video shoots, meetings and makeup tutorials, we're so proud to show off our newest collaboration with Inglot South Afric[...]

New hair, new me!

A massive HELLO to everyone, gosh I haven’t been here in a while! It’s been a busy few months at work. I’ve been blessed to have amazing opportunities at our practice as well as in my blogging life. I did a live chat on my Instagram a few weeks ago and I received so many questions regarding my post-graduate study life, many questions about my hair (I went a[...]

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