Hi guys!

Can you believe 2017 is almost over? It’s been a busy 3-6-5 but it’s that time of the year again when even the rainy summer days are magical and literally the best time to be a Capetonian. We’re so blessed to have the best season coincide with December which means we get to experience vacay at its peak!

I’ve just returned from a road trip up the Garden Route, which was absolutely beautiful but there’s just nothing like coming home! If you’re from anywhere but Cape Town, I’d highly recommend that you experience summer in our town at least once in your life and don’t worry, you really wouldn’t need anything else but a bikini and your trusty Havaianas.

Every year, this time, I’m either hidden away at a private beach, trying out new café’s with friends or just lounging at the pool with a good book. Even though Cape Town has SO much more to offer, I’m the typical laid back kind of girl that indulges in the city’s natural summer aura.

One of the most exciting things right now is that I get to work with Havaianas, one of my favourite brands. And even though I genuinely wear them all year round, Summer is it’s time to shine!

Here are a few questions the Havaianas team asked me:

What does being a free-spirited woman mean to you?

“Living in the moment and not being afraid to try new things, visit new places and make new friends. It’s basically living for the present with no regrets, only lessons.”

Favourite Cape Town summer spots/activities?

“Llandudno beach is one of my favourite places to go too for a good tan and fresh air. It’s so beautiful and you’re bound to meet a few interesting people. A little place close to home with impeccable food is Lou Lou’s in the Cape Quarter. Their Seared Tuna and Lamb & Pea croquettes are 2 dishes everyone should try! If I’m not there then I’m most probably stuffing my face with sushi somewhere like Beluga, Willoughby’s or Sevruga. Another place I love to go is the putt-putt range in Durbanville. The course runs through a beautiful garden and is way more intense than the one in Greenpoint. It’s loads of fun and a good laugh with friends and family.”

What do you always have in your travel bag during summer?

“I’m a heavy traveller, firstly, but my top ten list?”

  1. Sunscreen (Duh!)
  2. Earphones
  3. A fully charged cellphone
  4. Lip balm
  5. Bright pair of Havaianas.
  6. Wet wipes
  7. Bottle of water
  8. Hat/Fedora
  9. Mike & Ike’s
  10. Cooling Face mist

How do you keep the high energy during the busiest season?

“I always have my diary on hand so even when my day seems crazy, I’m on track with what needs to be done, I keep track of time and always stay hydrated. I also make sure that I have a few nibbles in the car like a muffin, biltong, dried fruit and nuts so that I don’t go too long without eating. A huge must, is always having a pair of Havaianas in my handbag or car so I can kick off my heels and give my feet a break. It makes running between meetings and shoots a whole lot easier and a lot faster, lol.”

Speaking of Havaianas, why this collaboration, why now?

“It goes without saying that almost everyone, anywhere in the world owns at least one pair of Havaianas. It’s the shoe that we all live in but is so often overlooked. It’s simple, practical and genuinely becomes your best friend, throughout any season. I honestly live in mine and will eventually have the ‘Havi’ tan on my foot to prove it after summer.


The festive season would be nothing without…?

“30 degree weather, good food and my amazing family.”

Wishing you all a Happy Summer!

Also, if you’re a Havi girl or boy, tag me (@qaanitaorrie) and @havaianas_southafrica in your Instagram posts featuring your favourite pair of Havaianas!

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