For those of you who follow my snaps (@qaanitaXOrrie), you may have seen a few daily makeup ‘snaptorials’. I get such a great response from these, even though the quality might not be that great, you guys screenshot the heck out of them! I must also say, thank you to everyone who trusted me with their (sometimes) embarrassing or questionable health concerns. I try to respond to as many of you and it made me so happy to hear that it’s helped a lot of you! Keep them coming 🙂  It’s really motivational and in retrospect, becomes such a good pick-me-up.My studies have been a bit crazy, demanding every second of my time, I’m dying for a day where I have no deadlines or demands. Although, I must say that I had a few days off last week. One of those days I got to catchup with the girls at the Vogue eyewear event and then headed to brunch so we could be a bit more ‘ourselves’ which our insta-stories show quite well. From an outsiders point of view it may just look all glam to head to these events, which in fact is but I can tell you one thing, it’s far better having a great group of girls around you to experience it all with.

The Vogue eyewear x Gigi Hadid collab has got to be one of my favourite style highlights this year. She designed her own range of frames that’ll knock your socks off (see images below). The collab, I think, pushed Vogue Eyewear to a whole new level. The new range is creative and fun and I’m completely sold. You can purchase them at Sunglass Hut or Luxottica stores.

Image from Instagram (@qaanitaorrie) #gigihadidxvogueyewear

I also had the most interesting networking session on Friday with the TFG team. A few beauty bloggers from CPT and JHB got to hang out with the PR mavens that help create content for TFG, the Head of TFG’s commerce and the business analyst for TFG’s business sector for a networking session. These sessions are so important in running your brand. If you’re a newbie blogger, YouTuber, business owner etc, it’s important to understand the market and who your audience is. Networking should always be on your list of things to do. The session was a hearty one-on-one and even though sometimes the topic of making money or how to grow your business is hard, we’ve all started somewhere. We chatted over breakfast, at Life Grand cafè in the V&A (they have the most incredible sweet potato crisps I’ve ever had), it really was a good business day.

 Knit – H&M | Boots – Zara

So, if you’re anything like me, alone time is total bliss. Even though I had an assignment to finish, I thought that being stuck in the house on a Sunday morning wouldn’t do much to my mental space so I packed up a few things and headed to a coffee shop where I could smother my face in a delicious breakfast and breathe fresh air while I drown myself in a 4 thousand word essay. Just between us, I’m not much of a coffee drinker, I totally wish I was. When I say, ‘Let’s go for coffee’, best believe that it’s not coffee I’m going for. Lol. My cup is always filled with a chai or some sort of tea, like an old person. Think British.

Well, that’s it from me, I hope you enjoyed the little catchup. I’ll speak to you all soon!

Images: Lisa Gabriel (Book: