I’ve been on a great high lately just being able to have the freedom to do so much more during the day than I ever could before. Still, being your own boss means you’ve got to set goals, hit due dates and pull as much will power out of a hat. I love that there isn’t much to worry about in the mornings besides my husbands breakfast but at 25 years old, I’m so blessed to be in this position, for sure.

One of my most recent accomplishments was completing my diploma in make-up artistry, something I’ve been dying to do for such a long time. I got a ton of questions as to why I decided to go to make-up school even though I was self taught?

The minute I learnt the history behind the influence of beauty from someone as experienced & talented as my lecturer was, the more I understood its importance and how it’ll ultimately improve my skill and technique behind creating a makeup look. Also, there was just something way better about finally being able to say that I’m an artist. Yay!

We took a couple of pics between a full day around the city grabbing coffee, shopping for office supplies, sushi for lunch and eating my very first oyster, which may I add, is something I’ll never do again. Lol.

Knit – Forever21 | Denims – Cotton On | Boots – Zara | Bag – Burberry