I’ve had a few days at home to myself where even brushing my hair seemed like a task. I forgot how great it was just to lay in bed and binge watch all your favourite shows for hours and hours. I still have 2 more days of my little break away from work and I’m hoping it’s gonna be the best 48 hours I’ve had in a long time.

Eid Mubarak to all celebrating! It’s such a special day and for most of us in the Western Cape, it’s the only day you get to spend time with family in one full day. I love seeing my cousins, the truly crazy ones and eat my aunts amazing jam and coconut tart, listen to our elders tell stories of the past and eat as much food as we want (without the judgement). In a busy social world, it’s days like this that I enjoy most and makes you appreciate the rich culture of being Cape Malay.

This is my very first Eid post. I thought that I would shoot my Eid dress before hand so that I could guarantee an OOTD. It usually gets so busy during the day that finding a quiet moment (with great lighting) to post on Instagram is such a challenge, so here you go.

What I’m Wearing

I’ve been searching for something to wear for the past 2 weeks but nothing caught my eye. My cousin, Mish, who also happens to be a talented designer helped me out by creating this beautiful wrap dress. This raw silk fabric we found at a little fabric store months ago and at that time, couldn’t find a design equally worthy of the material. I had an idea for a tailored wrap dress so you can only imagine my excitement when she executed my vision perfectly. I love the solid folds around the neck and how it’s balanced by the feminine crossed body bow in the waist. The air’s still a little chilly so the long sleeve is perfect for covering up and at the same time makes me feel really elegant!


Dress – My own | Heels – Steve Madden | Choker – Lovisa | Rings – Miglio