As the week starts to drag, you have to find ways to keep your mind occupied. Even after the longest day, it’s so important to find the time to balance a hard days work with some relaxing fun, just for your own sanity. As I’m slowly starting to count my last few days at work, I still manage to squeeze in some QT time for an early breakfast, respond to emails for the blog and most days, hubby and I decide to catch a movie or a comedy show at night. When I get home, I burn my favourite scented candle that smells like heaven in a glass jar and chill with my cat. Typical cat woman stuff!

On an unrelated note, it’s almost my birthday (yay!) so I’m feeling all sorts of excitement for this weekend. As I’m a complete sucker for my own birthday (as most of us are, I’m sure), I love starting the celebration early. So, I’ve planned a breakfast for my family at one of my favourite spots, something intimate and a little more special. Later that evening, we’re invited to an early Valentine’s day celebration so needless to say, we’ll be turning the romance up a notch!

Keep a look out on my social media for my weekend updates and I’ll definitely be putting some extra effort into my Snapchat (qaanitaXOrrie) too!

Knit – H&M

Denims – MRP

Shoes – River Island

Sunnies – Dolce & Gabbana at Sunglass Hut