I could get used to a mid-week break. (Can we make this a law, please?) I don’t know about you guys but spoiled with 2 public holidays in 2 weeks has made me want to cancel every Wednesday for the next year. So, on days off, I kick back. Sleeping in, play with my cat and spend an undivided amount of time with my husband and as everyone flocks to the promenade, our favourite thing to do is go for drinks somewhere quiet and have some R&R with each other over a dish of some seriously good pasta. While I’m slowly building some new beauty content, we’ve been having fun shooting some style segments for the blog.


For those of you who didn’t know, my husband shoots all of my content for the blog. I just threw a camera at him one day and he’s been doing it ever since! Engineer by day and forced photographer by no choice at all. Not bad for a rookie! 🙂 His skills have become crazy good and having him shoot all of my looks means I’m lucky enough to be able to brainstorm ideas, discuss business opportunities and get some seriously honest criticism. The best part is that we go home, choose a movie and cuddle, leaving all that BS behind!


About this look

I’ve been wearing this knit all throughout winter. I’m one of those people who cannot stand the cold so if I’m not dressed like a complete Eskimo on days when it’s below 15 degrees, then I’m probably at home with the heater on. I love all kinds of polo necks and this one is so chunky and just all kinds of perfect. The colour was the first thing that I noticed (obviously) because it goes with everything in my not so rainbow toned wardrobe. I paired it with a skirt that my cousin and I created together and it’s finally done! I love it so much because we spent so much time into perfecting it! We hunted down the most amazing faux leather, so durable and soft and added fringe for some drama to what could have just been a simple black skirt.

Finally, my favourite thing about this look are these amazing sunnies I picked up at Sunglass Hut. I finally got around to getting my hands on the flat lens design and honestly, I might not wear anything else for the next couple of months!


Jersey – The Fix | Skirt – My own | Shoes – Legit | Sunglasses – Versace at Sunglass Hut