I’ve grown into being quite particular about the jewellery I wear. In my late teens, my favourite pieces were nothing more than cheap costume jewellery that you could only wear 5 times (at most) before they started to discolour. I guess there isn’t anything wrong with wearing costume jewellery. It’s nice to mix it up every once in a while because let’s face it, it takes a long time to grow a collection of quality pieces. I still own a few ‘cheaper’ accessories but I find myself pushing them to the side more now that I’m getting older. Also, my wedding ring is my most prized possession so I need items of jewellery that’ll compliment my ring & not degrade it. Since my work alongside Uwe Koetter jewellers, I’ve grown increasingly picky about the type of pieces I wear & definitely adhered to appreciating the quality over quantity cliché.

Not too long ago, I discovered another amazing designer jewellery brand called Miglio. If you guys follow me on instagram, you’ll know that I wear a particular silver necklace all the time because it literally goes with everything. I came across a few extra special pieces from their Wild Heart collection designed by Jenny Miller. All Wild Heart pieces are made with the finest quality of burnished silver or rose gold plated metal with Swarovski crystals, designed to show unique perfection in each piece. A little pricier than your average everyday arm candy but all worth the purchase!

My favourite piece at the moment is the multi-strand necklace with link detailing. Each silver strand has a different design which I absolutely love. So instead of falling flat, the necklace has great contrast with the individual metal design.


What I also really love is that I can wear it as is or wrap it around my wrist as a layered bracelet. For a stacked look, I paired it with these bangles with Swarovski crystal inserts. Both bracelets are sold individually but I preferred the look it created with both as they compliment each other in the difference of width.


When I’m not wearing my crazy beautiful diamond earrings (thanks hubby), these olive green Swarovski crystal studs have become a staple. I love how the cut of the stone allows it to shine both green & grey in certain lighting. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that they’re so pretty!