It’s the first day in just over 2 weeks that I’ve been up and about. I’ve been through a dreadful few days stuck in bed with the flu and picked up a nasty chest infection along the way. My fever hit over 39 degrees, gosh, I can’t remember the last time I felt this terrible. I also got my first butt injection, not the Kardashian kind. I haven’t ever gotten a flu injection so mine was way over due, I just didn’t expect to be poked in the butt! It was actually quite sore. So, that and an aggressive course of anti-biotics did the trick. I’m still not 100% but I’m gona take it easy for a few more days. It’s given me loads of time to think about the content I want to create. I’m really hoping to bring more beauty videos and imagery to the site!

I missed so many events, including the celebration of our collab with Inglot SA. That week I had to announce the winners of those chosen to attend the event, I could barely lift my head and I had Amy (my amazing friend) to announce them for me. I had such FOMO especially when I saw the cupcakes with our faces on them, ahhh!

I was tagged in everyones’s insta-stories on the evening so I got to watch all of the fun from my cozy (infested) bedroom.

Dress and Boots – Zara | Jacket – NA-KD | Bracelet – Pandora | Necklaces – Accessorize

Matters soon got a bit better though. We applied to adopt a kitten a couple of weeks back and last Friday we got a call from the SPCA to say our little kitten was ready to go home. He’s a tiny white and ginger rescue that has SO much energy! So, being stuck at home wasn’t so bad after all. I haven’t really shown much of him on my social media but he’ll be popping up on the gram pretty soon.

Anyways, here’s a couple of pretty imagery thanks to Lisa (Book: Happy Friday!