I’m back at it. I can’t remember the last time I’ve posted a full look on my blog. It was the first weekend in a long time where I had a day to myself and I’m hoping to be more strict about that. Between my 8-5 weekday job to teaching makeup in the evenings and on weekends, my life’s been super busy (shout out to all the full-time money makers). Either way, style posts was something I’ve wanted to get back into for a while now so here it is! I’ve just returned from Johannesburg after attending the launch of the Estee Lauder liquid Lip potion (which I’m wearing in this post), I had so much fun and picked up just enough motivation to start shooting again.

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About these looks:

The no.1 item in my closet is a well structured white collared shirt. I own so many of them, it’s ridiculous. They’re classic and impossible to wear incorrectly and my personal secret is that I find most of them in the men’s department. They’re a lot more boxy and stiff which works well if you want to add a little masculinity to your shape, especially if you’re wearing skinny jeans. I’m a complete wreck when it comes to my wardrobe which means white shirts are my staples and essentially works in my favour because I wear loads of black and grey.


I received these amazing sequins denims from my friends over at Sissy Boy and I didn’t think that they’d fit anywhere in my wardrobe but now, I wanna wear them with everything! I love the full bling at the front, edgy knee slashes and classic denim at the back, both comfortable and sexy, a versatile design the Sissy Boy brand thought well about. Usually I’d shy away from bling but there’s something about them that I’m completely obsessed with. They’re limited edition which means getting your hands on them might be a challenge so…

Because I adore them so much, I wanna share them with one of you. Comment below and let me know why you NEED these pants in your life and we’ll hook you up!


Giveaway closes Friday 5 August 2016 at 12pm.

*Winner will be announced on Snapchat (qaanitaXOrrie)Β and Twitter (@qaanita)!

*All entrees to please add their full names, email address and pants size to their comments!

Look 1:Β 

Shirt – Studio W

Denims – Sissy Boy (Limited Edition)

Shoes – Steve Madden

Choker – Lovisa

Look 2:

T-shirt – Zara

Denims- Sissy Boy (Limited Edition)

Shoes – Legit

Choker – My own

Sunnies – D&G at Sunglass Hut

Lip colour – Estee Lauder liquid lip potion in ‘Extreme Nude’