January’s been good. Not the sad type of good but typically good. I had my fair share of the holidays even though I wasn’t actually on official leave however there’s nothing to complain about. In my profession, being on vacation during our summer season, isn’t necessary at all. Whether you’ve worked till 6pm everyday (story of my life), time in Cape Town will never make you feel excluded from the rest. Yes, sure not being able to sunbath during the better hours of the day means your tan might not be as amazingly Miami as you would’ve wanted it to be. Like mine. But nothing really makes you feel excluded.

I’m finally getting back into the swing of blogging after a few crazy weeks at work. Even after what might seem like a day from hell, I managed to come home, pack a beach bag & end my day off as if I’ve never had it at all.


About this look:

We decided to shoot this look on Sunday before we headed for lunch on the bay. It’s usually the day I dress for comfort & nothing else. So I forget the heels & either opt for my trusty Havaianas or sneakers. As my fettish for neutrals still holds strong, I’ve been super comfortable ‘sprusing’ them up with these trainers I purchased well over a month ago. They were literally purchased on the spur of the moment right before my flight to Johannesburg as I had forgotten to pack any flat shoes. Only realizing afterward that they were purple! Best decision I ever made though. I absolutely love how they’re completely out of my comfort zone.

For a long time I’ve been looking for the perfect black hat. I’ve seen many but unfortunately my head has an odd perimeter (Thanks mom & dad). Finally I found this little black beauty. It has a thin silk ribbon on the inside that allows for adjusting & its 100% wool. A little on the pricy side but what’s a head to do?

Lastly, one of my favourite additions to my summer wardrobe is this off white lace baseball style jacket from MRP. It’s so light weight & adorably pretty!



Hat – The lot

Jacket – MRP

Black Vest – Country Road

Grey denims – Forever 21

Sneakers – Nike

Necklace – Lovisa

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