Even though not much has changed in my professional life, I seem to have grown into my routine of being a full time this & a part-time that, that now my priorities seem to start meeting each other, rhythmically. I’ve always had the tendency to take on too much at one time, partially due to constant encouragement by my father to better myself (which I’m so thankful for). Before, I thought I had too much on my plate, but now I seem to wake up every morning without having to set my alarm with respect to my biological circadian clock reminding me of the necessary. It’s like my body understands the urgency in not wasting time but to be quite frank, I can’t remember when last I’ve wasted time. I miss sitting doing absolutely nothing!

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Even though my day planner is filled with sticky notes, speech bubbles & extra reminders, I plan on cutting some time out to kick back. Mentally, I feel great but I can really feel the strain it’s putting on me physically. My husband came up with the cutest thing that every Monday night is ‘Massage night’ & may I say how intrinsic such a small structural change has made. Not only do we relax together but it’s time away from everything & everyone else. I know my brain might not stop running in circles but my body sure needs some down time. Is that called mental abuse if you’re doing it to yourself?

We all need a little break here or there. Sometimes, we just have to prove it to ourselves.

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About this Look:

I think it’s safe to say that Winter is here? We’ve had lovely weather this week which made it easier to wear this slip dress. It’s so comfy & what I love about it is it’s versatility. My favourite thing about these dresses is how easy it is to layer a couple of items on top of it without having to hide the casual essence of it. Plus, the marsala colour (Pantone colour of the year 2015) is just another way to stay updated 🙂

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Hat – The Lot

Bodycon dress – Cotton On

Scarf – Cotton On

Jacket – Forever 21

Earrings – Miglio designer jewellery

Booties – Cotton On

Bracelets – Forever 21

Lip colour – Flormar Revolution Lipstick in ‘Burgundy mission’

Photography by Khadeeja Hendricks-Abduraghman/@KPhotographi