The weather’s getting colder by the day but even though Summer’s long gone, our city only becomes more beautiful with the season change. I’ve been so excited to start incorporating all kinds of chunky knits into my wardrobe. As I always try to invest in pieces rather than splurge on seasonal trends, I must admit that I haven’t worn anything from last years’ winter wardrobe. That was all thanks to my obliterated small mind that got sucked into stupid spending. This year, a lot changed me.
I learned so much about money, hard work & priorities (partially because I married a smart man) but mostly because I’ve learnt to save & invest. I can’t remember the last time I had to stop myself from a true kicking & screaming moment of purchase. It was so hard say no (to myself).

But in the last month, I made about 102 dead stops! How adult like of me?!


 We shot this look on an early Saturday morning coffee run. I themed the laxed look around these dull Cypress green utility boots. I’ve been looking for a pair of these to jump into on a cold rainy day where I just wouldn’t compromise my more expensive leather boots.

IMG_6766 1

This winter, expect to see me in loads of chunky knits, ones that don’t make me itch! There’s nothing worse than an itchy kitted garment. This cozy cable jersey is so comfy, skin friendly & warm but knitted perfectly to still allow ventilation.

The rest of the outfit included a darker toned green trench, boyfriend jeans & my trusty black hat. Safe to say, Sherlock would’ve been proud!

IMG_6716 1 IMG_6762 1IMG_6747 1

 All items from Cotton On

Hat – The Lot

Watch – Casio

Earrings – Miglio

PHOTOGRAPHY : @kphotographi


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