Hello Everyone!

I sincerely hope you all are having a fabulous weekend so far, whether you’re out & about with your girlfriends or shopping alongside your man (coz he spoils you, of course!). While you guys are having fun, I’m literally at my work station waiting on my hubby to send over a sushi platter, so work won’t be all that bad! I’ll be here for another 12 hours which takes me right into tomorrow morning.

So with all the spare minutes in-between patients, I eagerly try to up my rank on the new Kim Kardashian Game which, by the way is quite entertaining if you’re someone who loves fashion or anything related to reality TV for that matter.

Your character is a young brunette who works at a retail store & ends up meeting the impeccably gorgeous Kim K. She slowly pulls some strings to help kick start your career as a star in Hollywood & so the game continues. I find it quite similar to the Bratz game that I obsessed over when I was about 13 or so but of course that time I never had an iPhone so I sat on my bed with a playstation controller until midnight. If you haven’t downloaded the game yet, do yourself the favour, it definitely helps take the frustration away from level failure on Candy Crush!

Anyways, as always, I thought I’d share another look I wore recently. This dress happens to be another great find. For those of you who cringe at the thought of wearing dresses in winter, yes you might freeze you knee caps off which is exactly what happened to me here but I honestly couldn’t resist. The colour, the single layered tulle skirt & of course the dark winter floral print was an absolute beauty. I added these gorgeous leather gloves & favourite duffel bag for a bit of edge while keeping my jewellery & makeup to a bare minimum.

To all who celebrate the beginning of Ramadaan tomorrow, may this month be rewarding & merciful to both you & your family! 🙂





Winter floral dress – MRP

Sheer stockings – Woolworths

Boots – Studio W

Leather Jacket – Adidas

Black Duffel bag – Blackcherry

Leather gloves with gold studs – Woolworths